Thursday, December 18, 2014

'Tis the Season for the Sickies

Have you been hit by the crud that's going around? I hope not. A school near our town has over 150 students who are showing flu-like symptoms. 150!!! I've heard the flu vaccine hasn't shown to be very effective this year, since it's not targeting the main strain of the flu that seems to be going around.
No flu for me, thank goodness, but I have been dealing with a bad cold (thanks, Joseph!) for the last week or so. My poor mom DOES have the flu, but she's on her way to feeling better.
I'm finally losing the nagging cough I was holding onto, and the congestion and stuffiness is decreasing as well. Being sick is the worst, especially during the holidays! We haven't felt like doing any of the fun things we normally do.

Anyway, here's a little recap of the last week....

Friday before last, we went out to the mall and decided to stop and see Santa. 
It went a little like this....
I'm not sure when they'll realize the purple chair doesn't really go.

Wait for it.....

Last Tuesday, Joseph and I celebrated 8 years of marriage!

My mom offered to come up and keep the kids so we could go to dinner. A real, big people dinner. We went to The Bottle and it was delicious.

Open-faced BLT, hmmm!!

We also went to see Mockingjay with the other 3 people in the theater. It was nice going on a weeknight. A little disappointed in the movie, but whatever. Hopefully the final one will live up to the book.

The next day, I woke up feeling like death and hung onto to a fever for a little bit. I didn't even want my coffee for like 5 whole days.
The only thing that saved me was DayQuil. Of course, it masks how you really feel so when that stuff wears off, watch out!
I was determined to make it to Joseph's office Christmas party on Saturday if I could, so I made some soup and drank hot tea with honey and lemon like crazy. My fever went away and I slowly started feeling a tiny bit more human, and of course with the help of my beloved DayQuil, I made it to the party. I'm not sure I was the best date that night, but I was there. HA!

Pretty sure I coughed my lungs up all night, which was super attractive. ;-)

I can't believe Christmas is one week away. Anyone else a little relieved? HA! 
We've still got Christmas lights to go see, gingerbread houses to make, and I haven't even baked the first cherry chip loaf this year. I've gotta get busy now that I'm feeling better.


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