Thursday, September 05, 2013

Hudson Happenings

I haven't done too many Hudson updates lately. I haven't really done too many updates at all lately! Oops. 

Hudson is always doing something silly and he knows he's entertaining. I think we may have a future actor or comedian on our hands....or a musician....
 Do y'all think he has enough guitars?? Also...I'm not sure why we even have a playroom!

I wish I could even explain to you how much this child LOVES music! 
He's usually singing and playing for me all day long.

Did I mention that playroom?

We were so excited about the first Bama game of the season Saturday. All of us! It looks like Hudson is really getting into it now. He'd yell "GO" , "NO NO NO!!" and other things at the TV. Several times during the game, he'd take off and just run and run and run around the house like a mad man. Pretty sure he was imitating the players. 

He and Mr. Bunny are already pumped for the TAMU game next weekend!!!

Hudson is really excited about the babies and likes to go in their room to look around or just sit. He still hugs and kisses my belly and says hi to them all the time.
He loves seeing babies on TV, in person, or in pictures. 
I hope he feels this way when it's HIS brother AND sister that come home and stay home with us!! :) I'm preparing for a little jealousy but really hoping he'll handle it just fine. We're going to have a rule for anyone who comes to visit the babies. They must first visit with and love on Hudson. The babies won't know the difference(and they'll get PLENTY of love and attention) but Hudson will and it is of utmost importance to us that he never feels neglected, forgotten, or replaced.
I want this to be the smoothest transition possible for him, which also means things need to be as routine as possible. Kids thrive on routine and normalcy and we're going to do our best to make sure his routine isn't totally turned upside down.
We have our weekly doc appointment tomorrow and we're all anxious to see what comes of it! I've been having contractions and pressure like crazy. I'm ready for them to be the real thing and get this show on the road, honestly.
I shall keep you posted. :)


  1. Sorry about all your contractions. Ouch! He is so cute. Maybe he will be a future rockstar!

  2. Wonderful blog--enjoyed it very much!


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