Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Big Boy

Saturday, we bought Hudson a big boy carseat (it actually goes from newborn to 100 lbs, but still, it's bigger than his little Chicco carseat that he was about to be too big for...it goes to 22 lbs). We tested it out yesterday and headed to BB&B for a few things. He loved it and looked like such a big boy in it!! It doesn't recline quite as much as the other one sits and he loved being able to sit more upright. He was always trying to sit up in the other one. ;) I can't believe he's almost old enough to sit forward-facing like a big kid!! :( I can't decide if I want to keep him rear-facing for a while longer or not....we'll just have to see. I figure by his birthday he'll be at least 22 lbs, but I know it's safer to keep them rear-facing as long as possible.

We went to BB&B(which he LOVED by the way!) for a few small kitchen things, but I ran across this....
and I just had to get it! I tried it last night, with skim milk instead of any flavored creamer and it was delish!! It tastes like a chocolate donut in a cup! You could make it really sinful with some whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top. :-)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Progress Pictures

I am down almost 23 pounds now, 7 away from my original goal! Like I said earlier, I'd like to lose another 5-10 after that, but I'll be happy with just the 7. The weight loss has slowed a bit, as it typically does after the first 10-20 pounds, but I'm still steadily losing. Going to New Orleans and eating deliciously sinful food didn't help either, but I've been back on track since we got home! Anyway, here are a couple of new pics compared to the ones I took a few weeks ago. (The new ones are on the bottom of each set) You can't tell a huge difference, but can definitely see some inches lost.

Oh, and those are size 6 jeans I'm wearing, BTW. My size 6 pants are fitting and that's an amazing feeling!! I have a pair of size 4 jeans that I haven't been able to wear in a few years and they're hanging up in my closet to motivate me every day!!
Y'all have a wonderful weekend!! :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Oh What A Beautiful Morning, Oh What A Beautiful Day"...

Today was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day and I kept thinking it was April or May (yes, I do have mad rhyming skills), instead of February! Hudson and I didn't go anywhere, but we did enjoy the beautiful day outside in the backyard (twice, as a matter of fact). He loved it and so did I! We sat on a blanket, listened to some tunes, did a lil dancing, and played with our super cool toys!

I hope you got to get out for a bit and enjoy the beautiful day! Hudson and I are definitely ready for Spring so we can enjoy more days like today. The next few days aren't going to be quite as nice, but they're still supposed to be pretty decent. I'll take that! :-)

Y'all have a fantastic Friday!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bedroom (Mini) Makeover

I've been wanting an upholstered headboard for.ever. and I finally ordered one several weeks ago. It came a few weeks ago but we waited until we moved to put it up. I am so pleased with how it looks! It's exactly what I wanted. And it's SO much more comfortable to sit up against than my old, wooden headboard that dug into my back. I love my old bed and the coordinating furniture....I mean, I've had it for about 24 years and it's beautifully made, detailed, and is solid wood!! BUT, it was definitely time for an update and I hope to update the other furniture pieces someday soon, too.

For now, this (mini) makeover will do.....

The pictures came out really yellow (the walls are a very pale yellow) and the headboard looks more yellow than it is. It's a very neutral khaki color...it'd look great against a gray or blue wall! One day!

And a special shout-out to my awesome husband and father-in-law for putting the headboard up, which included not only attaching it to the bedframe, but first, actually attaching the brackets for the headboard to the frame. (We've just had our old headboard propped up against the wall. HA!)

Happy Hump Day!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

60 Years!

Last Thursday, 2/16, my sweet grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage! In today's society, it is so rare to see a couple make it to that milestone. People just don't stay together anymore, but they have managed to stay in a loving, committed marriage for 60 years!! They have been a wonderful example to me over the years, and continue to be one today. Sunday, we had a little party in my parents' house in honor of their big anniversary. It was such a nice reception and my parents did a fantastic job putting it together.

Here are some pictures from the party.

Thank you for being not only amazing grandparents, but also a committed couple who has shown me what a loving marriage looks like. Happy 60th! Here's to many, many more! I love you both more than you know!

Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Months!

TEN.....Double Digits.....2 months, that's 60 DAYS away from the big O-N-E!!! How are we already at this point?!?! Where is my itty-bitty baby, and how did he get replaced with this soon-to-be toddler??
Here's what you're doing this month:
  • Two weeks ago(for your late 9 month checkup), you weighed 20 lbs, 1 oz and were 29 1/4 inches tall.
  • You wear a size 3 diaper, and 9-12 and 12 months clothing.
  • You usually sleep from about 8pm - 7am.
  • You eat 3 meals a day and usually an afternoon snack.
  • Right now, I'm having one meal a day consist of table foods. Your favorite things are: cheese, turkey, grapes, strawberries, cheerios and chicken. Occasionally you'll eat some green beans, carrots, waffles, and a few other things. We're doing much better with the real foods and you feed yourself like a champ. You're getting much more efficient!
  • You take 3 bottles of 7 oz a day, and a bedtime bottle of 4 oz. We're going to start introducing you to whole milk in the next few days. We'll start with just an ounce in your 7 oz bottles and progress from there and hopefully you'll be on full-time whole milk by 11 months(the doc said it's OK) or a little after. I'm still pumping twice a day and using breastmilk from my freezer supply and I'll use it until it's all gone. I want to make sure you're fully transitioned to whole milk by the time it's all used up.
  • You take a 1.5-2 hour nap in the morning, and a 1.5-2.5 hour nap in the afternoon.
  • You are still just a two-teeth wonder.
  • You are crawling everywhere, pulling up and opening anything and everything (I haven't baby-proofed the new house yet). You stand by yourself a lot now, but when you realize it you put a hand back on the furniture. Your fear is keeping you from trying to take some steps, but I don't think it will be much longer.
  • You're trying to form more sounds and words.
  • You call me "mama" all the time. We're getting closer to "dada".
  • You love to dance!...at home, in the car, grocery store, it doesn't matter. ;)
  • You love the dogs.
  • You're still such a healthy baby and I am so grateful!
  • We left you overnight for the first time last week and you did fantastic!
  • You are so flexible and adjust very well.
  • You love playing peekaboo, especially when we're trying to get you down for a nap or bed. HA!
  • Your favorite toy is your Zebra bike. You push it all over the place, walking beside it. You love being pulled on it, too.

You look like such a little boy to me now, and the tiny baby is fading away. You have the sweetest temperament and personality. You love people, especially the ladies, and are such a joy! You bless our lives more and more every day! We love you more than words can say!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm Baaaaack....

Yeah, I've been a little MIA the last week or so. We moved last Friday. I thought it was rough being 8 months pregnant....I had obviously never done it with a 9 month old. One word....WHOA. Let's just say last weekend was quite trying and exhausting...for all of us. BUT, we're moved in, have just about everything put away and organized and basically just have to decide where we want to put all the "wall stuff". I'm going to take my time with that, though. This house is a little smaller so we won't be able to use some things so I'm going to make sure I like where I put the stuff I do use.

A few days after we moved in, we left for a little trip to NOLA. Joseph qualified for the trip through his job so we were excited to get away and spend some quality time together. It was the first time we'd left Hudson so we(mostly yours truly) were a little apprehensive to leave him. I'm glad we went. We had a great time and ate some GREAT food! My mom stayed with him and he did great with her. I was really afraid he wouldn't sleep or eat well but he did wonderfully! This helped ease my mind a little bit.

Here are a few pictures from their time together.

Craziness.....and fun....that about sums it up.

We had a short trip to NOLA but it was fun-filled.

I really wanted to eat at one of John Besh's restaurants. He's a huge chef in NOLA and is on Food Network a lot. We wanted to eat at August, but they were already booked up, so we made reservations for Luke.
It was absolutely delicious and did not disappoint.

Joseph ordered the burger. It's ranked in the top ten burgers in the country and it was divine!

I splurged and had the shrimp and grits. Oh. My. Lord. They are shut up good! Just trust me on that. If you're in NOLA, eat at Luke and get them. You won't be sorry!

We were good and didn't get dessert (because who had room??). We knew we were going here the next day, so we had to save our calories......

Mmmm, beignets....I forgot how good they are!
I would have eaten them all AND licked the plate, but we were in public. ;-)

Thursday night, Allstate hosted a party for us and we were taken to Mardis Gras World. They make and house all of the floats. It's a pretty cool place. I saw someone (maybe Rachael Ray?) tour it on Food Network a few years back.

They have so many floats...presidents, movie characters, animals, sports figures, and then some rather strange floats.....
Yep, it's a toilet.

After a little cocktail hour, we moved to "The Mansion" for the real event. They had live music, dancing, and food. It's really neat and you feel like you're under the stars outside this big "mansion". It'd be a great place for a birthday party or wedding reception. We had a great time getting a little dressed up and going out with "big people".

We sure were excited to get home to our sweet baby boy, though. We missed him so much, but it was good to get away alone for a couple of days, and it's nice to know he can do well without us.

I hope y'all have a great weekend!