Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Months!

TEN.....Double Digits.....2 months, that's 60 DAYS away from the big O-N-E!!! How are we already at this point?!?! Where is my itty-bitty baby, and how did he get replaced with this soon-to-be toddler??
Here's what you're doing this month:
  • Two weeks ago(for your late 9 month checkup), you weighed 20 lbs, 1 oz and were 29 1/4 inches tall.
  • You wear a size 3 diaper, and 9-12 and 12 months clothing.
  • You usually sleep from about 8pm - 7am.
  • You eat 3 meals a day and usually an afternoon snack.
  • Right now, I'm having one meal a day consist of table foods. Your favorite things are: cheese, turkey, grapes, strawberries, cheerios and chicken. Occasionally you'll eat some green beans, carrots, waffles, and a few other things. We're doing much better with the real foods and you feed yourself like a champ. You're getting much more efficient!
  • You take 3 bottles of 7 oz a day, and a bedtime bottle of 4 oz. We're going to start introducing you to whole milk in the next few days. We'll start with just an ounce in your 7 oz bottles and progress from there and hopefully you'll be on full-time whole milk by 11 months(the doc said it's OK) or a little after. I'm still pumping twice a day and using breastmilk from my freezer supply and I'll use it until it's all gone. I want to make sure you're fully transitioned to whole milk by the time it's all used up.
  • You take a 1.5-2 hour nap in the morning, and a 1.5-2.5 hour nap in the afternoon.
  • You are still just a two-teeth wonder.
  • You are crawling everywhere, pulling up and opening anything and everything (I haven't baby-proofed the new house yet). You stand by yourself a lot now, but when you realize it you put a hand back on the furniture. Your fear is keeping you from trying to take some steps, but I don't think it will be much longer.
  • You're trying to form more sounds and words.
  • You call me "mama" all the time. We're getting closer to "dada".
  • You love to dance! home, in the car, grocery store, it doesn't matter. ;)
  • You love the dogs.
  • You're still such a healthy baby and I am so grateful!
  • We left you overnight for the first time last week and you did fantastic!
  • You are so flexible and adjust very well.
  • You love playing peekaboo, especially when we're trying to get you down for a nap or bed. HA!
  • Your favorite toy is your Zebra bike. You push it all over the place, walking beside it. You love being pulled on it, too.

You look like such a little boy to me now, and the tiny baby is fading away. You have the sweetest temperament and personality. You love people, especially the ladies, and are such a joy! You bless our lives more and more every day! We love you more than words can say!!


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