Tuesday, February 07, 2012

9 Month Checkup

(He had been crying a lil bit. Bless it!)

We had Hudson's 9 month checkup on Friday and it went great! It was supposed to be a shot-free visit, but he had to have the second part of his flu shot. :( There were a few tears but they didn't last long. The doctor was very pleased with how he's growing. He weighs 20lbs 1 oz (I expected more) and is 29 1/4 inches tall!! He's right on track, physically and developmentally and I am so thankful for that! The doc has ok'd whole milk at 11 months and I'm really hoping I can make the breastmilk last another 6 or so weeks until then!! If I don't have to do formula at all that'd be super fantastic!

It's hard to believe the next time we go back will be for his ONE YEAR checkup! Wha???? That's just craziness. Pure craziness. It's also craziness to think that I have a first birthday party to start thinking about soon. :(

I'm thankful little dude is healthy, happy, and growing right on track. That's really all that matters to a mommy. I feel like this month is going by so fast. I'll be typing his 10 month (DOUBLE DIGITS!!!) post in less than 2 weeks! Slow down, time!


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