Friday, August 30, 2013

Who Doesn't Like Cash Money??!?!!!

You're in luck today! Not only is it Michael Jackson's birthday,(pretend this was posted yesterday!!) it's giveaway day!! Happy Birthday to the King of Pop. 
There is not one, but 2 prizes for this giveaway. The first being $100 paypal cash! Spend it on what you want. Maybe some new music, fall clothes, a spa day, a target spree- you decide. 
The second prize is a $50 gift card to Boutique Sui Numeris! 

About the Boutique: "We are giving away a $50.00 gift card to use towards ANY item in the boutique!  This boutique is for the ultimate fashionista who does not want to look like every other girl.  Boutique Sui Numeris carries lovely little black dresses, authentic luxury vintage dresses, and more!  Whether you want to splurge or you simply love elite quality, we have your item!  As seen in "Elle" and "Life & Style"! "

Thursday, August 29, 2013

One Step Closer...

The twins' bedding finally arrived last week!
Of course, they'll spend some time in our room at first, but I'm determined to have them transitioned to their cribs much earlier than we did Hudson. 

I wanted something simple, clean, and neutral, since I knew I was going to add splashes of color in the accessories. 

It's showing up dark gray/almost brown, but it's a lighter gray and white.

The bedding came from Polka Tot Designs and I'm super happy with it!

All we lack are the curtains, a lil something for the walls over their cribs(that should be here tomorrow or Saturday), and the rocker from Hudson's room.
The room should be 100% DONE this weekend or early next week!
I'll be sure to post pics of the completed room as soon as it's ready. :)

Oh, and Happy 1st Day of College Football!!! FINALLY!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Twins Tuesday - 35 Weeks

How Far Along? 35 Weeks. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I really don't know, and I have no desire to know!

Genders: BOY AND A GIRL!!! Grayson Wells and Raegan Elise!

Maternity Clothes? Yep!! With the exception of a few things at home and some maxi dresses, I'm in maternity everything. Shoot, I'm barely holding on to a lot of my maternity clothes. Shirts are getting too short!

Stretch Marks? No. Thanking the good genes for that one. 

Sleep: Sleep is OK. I get up to pee like clockwork every few hours and can pretty much just sleep on my left side. Both babies' feet are on my right side and every time I try to sleep on that side, they remind me that they're there! HA!!

Movement: Yes. Anywhere and everywhere, especially from baby girl. She likes to assault my ribs.

Food Cravings: The sweet tooth has been in overdrive the last several weeks. I try to eat fruit, some yogurt, or even a little cereal when I want something sweet, but I won't lie and say I don't give in to the occasional donut or cookie. I start and end almost every day with a cup of OJ.

Food Aversions: If I get a whiff of something less than appetizing in the morning, that'll get me to gagging.

Labor Signs: I still have small contractions multiple times a day(nothing regular), occasional pressure, and am dilated to a 4(as of Thursday, anyway). I go to the doctor tomorrow so we'll see if there's been any change. I'm basically on bedrest so hopefully that has helped slow things down a bit.

Symptoms: Getting tired out quickly, acid reflux(yikes!), shortness of breath, frequent potty breaks, contractions, and exhaustion.

Belly Button In or Out? Very much OUT!

Wedding Rings On or Off? On

Miss Anything? Yes, but I'm trying really hard to cherish these last moments of pregnancy while I can. Some days that's easier said than done. :)

Best Moment This Week: Being able to come home from the hospital, after things calmed down and stopped progressing. I really thought I was going to have these babies last week, but am thankful they decided to hold off a little longer...and thankful I got at least one more weekend with my boys. Our main concern about them coming too early is that they will need to stay in NICU. A NICU nurse came to talk with us in the hospital last week and pretty much just scared us to death. I know it's her job to warn us of the worst-case scenarios, and well...she succeeded. We're hopeful that when they do come they will be healthy and ready for the outside world so that very little or NO time in NICU is needed!

Looking Forward To: I'm really anxious for my appointment Wednesday. As we've found, things can change so quickly and I'm curious to see if these daily contractions I'm having are causing me to dilate anymore. It's kind of scary to know you're just walking around(or bed resting, whatever) at a 4!! At least we're ready if these babies DO decide to come in the next week or so. Bags are packed, room is ready (enough), and after our close call last week, we are more mentally prepared for this thing to actually happen.
We are ready to meet our new little loves, but want THEM to be ready too!

I'll be here resting until then.
P.S. I NEED outta this house!!!! :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

That One Time I Got Admitted to Labor & Delivery....

Oh haaayyyy!! Why, yes, I did end up in l&d yesterday!! 
Fun times, I tell ya!
We had our 34 week checkup yesterday morning...quick fluid check and NST, the usual. I was in a really ill mood, pretty good and out of breath, etc. I just figured it was because I was beyond perturbed that we actually got there 10 minutes EARLY, yet weren't called back until 30 minutes AFTER our appointment time...all the while there were like 4 people in the waiting room with us. Biggest pet peeve ever!! Some of us just can't sit there all day long waiting on you to get your stuff together! I've learned it pays to be 10 minutes late...we always get called right back. OK, off that soapbox. 
Babies' fluid levels looked great! But that's where the good news ended. They looked great on the NST, but I had a few nice size contractions and my BP was elevated. I had also dilated to a 3 and was 75% effaced. All of this together made my doctor believe it was necessary to admit me for monitoring, because I was in early labor.
I spent almost 24 hours in the hospital, hooked up to monitors for the babies' heart rates, contractions, and an IV. Eww. (needless to say, no sleep was had...even with an Ambien!!!) I had a good bit of contractions, mostly the first several hours I was there. They checked my progress every several hours and I did dilate to a 4, where I'm holding steady now. 
Thankfully, the contractions calmed WAY down to just a few tiny "ant hills", I made no more progress overnight, my BP remained low for the majority of my stay, and the doctor cleared me to go home! BEST WORDS I'VE EVER HEARD!!!
I'm pretty much on bedrest and my mom is here taking care of Hudson and things around the house. She's awesome!

Yesterday was the wakeup call I needed to get 100% baby-ready!! I was so panicked the entire time...worrying about the babies, if they'd be OK to come this early, the fact that I didn't have our bags completely packed(funny that I posted about the hospital bag yesterday, huh?), if something happened in the middle of the night and I'd be alone, and worried about Hudson of course. My parents came up just in case and they took Hudson to get some dinner before coming back to tell me goodnight. 
I'd say he enjoyed his dinner fit for a "king"!!
I got really emotional when they all left and I was all alone in the room. I hated saying goodbye to my sweet boy, not knowing if it'd be the last time I'd get to kiss him as my only child. He was precious, excited, and happy so that helped but I'm so thankful that I've been given at least one more day to prepare myself better for that part of it. I didn't realize how hard that would be on me.
Even though Joseph went home and packed bags, it's also nice to be able to repack on my own so I know everything is there. ;-)

We go back to the doctor for our 35 week checkup Wednesday and we'll see where we are then. Of course, if something happens before then, we could end up back at the hospital. I'm going to do my best to take it easy and rest as much as possible so these babies keep cookin' for another week or 2 or MORE!!!

I just wanted to take a minute to update you guys. Thoughts and prayers for healthy babies are greatly appreciated, whether they come in a week or 3 weeks!! Thanks friends!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In the bag!

With the arrival of the twinsies right around the corner (no more than 4 weeks, I expect less.) I'm gathering things for our hospital bags. When I had Hudson, the hospital was a 2 hour drive from home (since we had just moved and I wasn't about to find a new doc/hospital at the end of my pregnancy) so we packed practically the entire house! This time, we live about 10 minutes from the hospital so it will be easy peasy for Joseph to come home and get something we forgot and for him to shower, change clothes, feed the dogs, etc. But, having gone through it once, I have a much better idea of what I need, what we actually used, and what wasn't necessary.

Here's some of the main things in my hospital bag...

Being as comfortable as possible after giving birth is essential. I was so ready to get out of that glamorous hospital gown, but I had to wear it until I could take a shower later that night. Nothing better than getting into your OWN clothes!! 
I actually bought this exact robe and pants the other day at Target. Got a matching shirt too. They are all so comfortable and will make me feel more at home during my stay. I got this long gown too, but in black. It could even be used to go home in, as a maxi dress. Another super comfy option, as opposed to the lovely hospital attire. Don't forget comfy undies, your nursing bra if you'll be doing that, as well as nursing pads and cream for the girls. Another big one for me is my glasses/contact case/solution. My husband can sleep in his contacts for nights at a time. I have to take mine out every night. I just can't wake up to dry, stuck-on contacts. Eww.

It's also important to feel human after just having a child (or two) delivered from your body! Finally being able to take a shower (pack your toiletries), do my hair, and put on my makeup was THE BEST feeling after having Hudson. Yes, I guess I'm mildly vain. Yes, it's nice to feel good about yourself even when you're laid up in a hospital bed. Don't let anyone make you feel silly for wanting to look good. If you're fine without the makeup and/or freshly styled coif, then that's wonderful too! Do what's good for you! Just know, people WILL take pictures (with or without your knowledge) and if your hospital is anything like ours, they'll have a company come around and take some of the new addition and family, so just be prepared. 
The most essential makeup items for Clinique all about eyes concealer and waterproof mascara. Before, during, and after delivery, you'll be emotional, sweaty, and tired. These will stay in place and ensure my momma honcha dark circles stay covered and my mascara doesn't run all over the place.
And don't forget some snacks! Yes, the hospital will have vending machines and a cafeteria, but do you really want to pay $2.50 every time you just want a pack of crackers or a Sprite? I know I don't! You're gonna be hungry, especially if you're breastfeeding. Pack your own stuff! And if you live close to home like we do this time, you can send the husband home to restock snacks if necessary.

You really don't need all you might think you need for the new addition. The hospital will have plenty of blankets that swaddle them wonderfully, but you'll probably still want to bring a couple of your own. At least for cuteness. ;-) They'll also have hats. If your hospital is anything like mine (or at least the one where we had Hudson), they'll want a hat on the babe the whole time. We took TONS of cute hats for Hudson to wear during his stay, but most of the time he just kept a hospital hat on. It fit better anyway.
You'll love gowns for quick diaper changes so take a few of those! I'll take a couple onesies too, but there's a good chance the twins won't even wear them. Take some socks for cold toesies, any pacifiers they may need, and don't forget your Boppy (nursing pillow) if you're breastfeeding. It's also great for propping baby up on for pictures (safely). With Hudson, we didn't need ANY diapers or wipes. The hospital provided them throughout our stay, so check with your hospital and see what their policy is. Also see if you can find out what brand they use. Ours used Pampers (whoop whoop!!) which we LOVE! And pack that coming home outfit, whatever it may be! 
The hospital will have anything else the little one needs.

Because it's 2013....
We'll be taking our "good camera" and iPad(and phones, duh!). I'll probably take my MacBook too, just because it's easier to type out a quick blog post on it. I won't have a whole lot of free time to surf the net or anything, but I'll be more likely to do a quick post or two in the hospital while I have a lot of help, before we come home and it's just us staring at each other like, "What in the world do we do?" ;-)

Big Brother
I can't leave out the big bro, Hudson! Although he obviously won't be staying at the hospital or anything, he will be there some during the day/evening so I want to have things there for him to make him comfortable/keep him entertained when he is there. I imagine he'll come visit after breakfast for a few hours, then leave for lunch/nap and come back for a bit before or after dinner. I don't want him to be cooped up in there too much, but I do definitely want to spend time with him and want him to be included and begin bonding with the new members of the family. My main concern has always been, and continues to be, him. I just don't talk about it because it makes me emotional. Moving on....
For Hudson, we've got him a bag full of goodies from the babies with some snacks, small toys, books, activities, etc. Of course, we'll also make sure he has a bag with any diapers, clothes, other essentials he might need if he's there for a few hours at a time.

When it comes to packing your hospital bag, you just want to make sure you include all the things that are in your daily routine (shower, beauty, bedtime, etc). Add little touches of home...your favorite PJs, lotions, snacks, and even your favorite small framed picture of the family. A couple sets of PJs/gowns should get you by, and a cozy pair of slippers will add a little luxury to that drab hospital room.
Try not to overpack, even though I know it's easy to do when you want to have a lot of "just in case" things. Packing for baby is easy, as they don't require much more than a couple gowns, socks, and a blanket & paci. You could easily get away with packing everything in a decent-sized duffle bag, but it might make things easier if you have separate bags for your stuff and the baby's stuff. You also might not want someone stumbling upon your granny panties or "special cream" as they rifle for a blanket for the baby. So, yeah....take separate bags. :)

As far as the husband's stuff. If you're close to the hospital, he can easily run home to shower, change, take a nap, sleep for the night, etc. Even though we're 10 minutes away, Joseph has declared he'll stay at the hospital with me at night, but I'm sure I'll insist on him going home to get a good night's sleep. He can also relieve my mom, who'll probably be at the house with Hudson some, so she can come by the hospital or go home for the night. We'll see what happens when the time actually comes. Unless your husband is not planning to leave the hospital at all, he won't need a bag packed. With Hudson, he just packed his toiletries and a couple changes of clothes. He slept on an AeroBed, which made for a much more comfortable night's sleep than the pull-out sofa.

Just remember....there IS a little thing called Target, in the event you forget something you need. Don't stress about what to pack too much. There's also a good chance the hospital will have something you can use. You've already stressed enough for like 75 people over the last 9 months, and will do even more stressing once that precious baby arrives.
On that note, I'm gonna go edit my hospital bag list a little bit. ;-)

Oh yeah, I managed to find the last bump pic I took at 39 weeks with Hudson.
39 weeks with Hudson compared to 34 weeks with the twins.
And I thought I was HUUUUUUUGGGEEE with Hudson!!!!
Bahahahaha. Oh, I didn't even know what huge was!
Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Twins Tuesday - 34 Weeks

How Far Along? 34 Weeks. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I really don't know, and I have no desire to know!

Genders: BOY AND A GIRL!!! Grayson Wells and Raegan Elise!

Maternity Clothes? Yep!! With the exception of a few things at home and some maxi dresses, I'm in maternity everything. Shoot, I'm barely holding on to a lot of my maternity clothes. Shirts are getting too short!

Stretch Marks? No. Thanking the good genes for that one. 

Sleep: Sleep has been better the past few nights. We have a Tempur-Pedic bed that adjusts but haven't had it plugged in for a while. Joseph plugged in my side so I could be slightly elevated and it has helped a lot! The fact that the babies are a little lower and I can breathe better helps a ton too. I was woken up by a few small contractions last night, so that put a little damper on my sleep.

Movement: Yes. Anywhere and everywhere, especially from baby girl. She likes to assault my ribs.

Food Cravings: The sweet tooth has been in overdrive the last several weeks. I try to eat fruit, some yogurt, or even a little cereal when I want something sweet, but I won't lie and say I don't give in to the occasional donut or cookie. I start and end almost every day with a cup of OJ.

Food Aversions: If I get a whiff of something less than appetizing in the morning, that'll get me to gagging.

Labor Signs: I'm still having mild contractions and some pressure like I was last week, but nothing regular. These are evidently what got me dilated to a 2, I just didn't realize what they were (HA!), so I'm anxious to see if they've caused any further changes. We'll find out Wednesday.

Symptoms: Getting tired out quickly, shortness of breath, frequent potty breaks, some head/backaches,  a few contractions, and exhaustion.

Belly Button In or Out? Very much OUT!

Wedding Rings On or Off? On

Miss Anything? I'm not gonna lie, I'm getting to the point where I'm missing some things. :) Normal, CUTE, clothes, to name a big one! And call me crazy, but I'm ready to actually go running or something...just because I CAN!!!

Best Moment This Week: Taking Hudson to his first movie was a great memory made as a family of 3. I loved sharing that with him!
We finally got a 2nd infant car seat (we'll be using Hudson's old Chicco car seat too) so we can officially bring them home now. Eeekk!! It's REAL now, y'all! We got a double stroller too, so we've gotta learn how to maneuver that thing. :)

Looking Forward To: Finishing the twins' room. It's SO close. The bedding was delayed due to a broken threader in the monogram machine (I just can't even talk about it!), and a couple more small touches will make it complete. I'm looking forward to our appointment Wednesday to see how things are looking. We'll have a quick fluid check and NST.
We're going to tour the hospital later today so we know where we're going in the event these babies decide to come at like 2am! HA!

We'll see what changes(if any) come after our appointment!!
We're getting reeeeeeeaaaaaallll close, peeps!
Saturday, August 17, 2013

First Movie Experience

We'd been tossing around the idea of taking Hudson to his first movie for a few months, but just couldn't get up the guts to do it. I mean, you never know how a 2 year old is gonna act. Well, with so many kid movies out, and no telling how much longer we have with just Hudson, we decided to give it a go this morning. I'd heard great things about "Planes" so we chose 10:15am, the earliest showtime, of course. It was a lot busier than I anticipated, but not too crowded. 
He was super excited about going to the "moowie".

First bites of popcorn. This whole movie thing is pretty cool, guys!

Kid loves him some popcorn. It made me nervous letting him eat it so young, but we kept an eye on him and he did great with it.

Best pictures we could get. We had to commemorate our first movie with our first "baby".

He did so good. He did get a little bored around the middle of the movie, but managed to be on his best behavior and we're so proud of him! The movie is just adorable and if you're thinking about going to see it, you should!

We finished up our outing with a trip to Target (duh) and lunch at Red Robin. 
This could very well be our last weekend as a family of 3 so we're trying to soak up all the time together we can. 

I really feel like my body is telling me these babies are coming SOON! As of Thursday, I was still just dilated to a 2, but those contractions I was having really have me feeling like it's coming sooner than later. The belly has dropped a good bit. I can tell in pictures, I can tell that my belly button is lower, and I can breathe a little easier (which means they're not as high anymore). There's also the, umm, "girls". They all of a sudden feel like they think I gave birth about 5 days ago (full, anyone??). And don't get me started on the soreness. I know my body thinks I'm further along than I am, since I'm bigger due to twins, but I did NOT expect this to happen until AFTER they were born, like it did with Hudson. Y'all....OUCH!!!

So, our trip to Target consisted of getting momma a few comfy things to wear at the hospital, some goodies for Hudson from us and the babies, and some small things we'll need for us and the babies in the event something happens in a few days and we're not able to make another trip to get things before then. I'll definitely be packing the bags this weekend as much as I can. I'd still love for them to wait at least another week or two, and of course they still could, but I just don't have the feeling they will.
My intuition is telling me to get ready! 
We go back to the doctor on Wednesday and I'll update after that appointment, if nothing happens to update about before then!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!!
Thursday, August 15, 2013

Twins' Dresser Makeover-ish

I've finally got some pictures of the twins' dresser ready to share. I wanted to wait until the room was entirely finished to share pictures but oh well.

A while back, I got this dresser....

Gorgeous, right??? It's solid mahogany, and I got it from a local store that sells revamped furniture. They sell a lot of painted pieces and some that are in their beautiful original wood states. BEAUTIFUL things! The problem is, I never really cared for the color. It was a VERY pale yellow that just didn't go with what I envisioned. It was a little too Easter egg yellow for me. I also wasn't wild about ALL the distressing done to it. I think distressed furniture can look wonderful in the right room, but it just did not go in this one. 

I knew what yellow shade I wanted, I just had to find it. I checked out Valspar's selection and found several I really liked. I weeded out yellows that were too school bus, sunshine, pale, bright, etc. I wanted a buttery, maize yellow. The perfect medium yellow, simple right? HA!
Luckily, I found what I wanted pretty quickly after testing out some colors, but procrastinated about actually doing it. I was just trying to give myself some time for the original color to grow on me. Nope. Couldn't do it.
So, last weekend, Joseph got the paint and the accessories and we tackled this bad boy. I am so proud of the finished product and it is exactly what I wanted.
We went with Valspar "Hail a Cab" and I love it! These pictures do not even do it justice or show the true color. It's so beautiful in person and looks amazing against the gray walls, with pops of the aqua/teal in the accents. We used a semi-gloss and the finish looks great on the dresser.

Keep in mind, the changing pad and a few other accessories will go on it, so it won't be this bare for long. :)

I'm also super proud to say that all of the artwork was made by yours truly! Obviously the mirror and chevron cork board are store bought. ;)
 Picasa and PicMonkey are both amazing tools! Try 'em out if you haven't already! A couple things were downloaded for free from links I found on Pinterest. I also love that the lamp shade becomes part of the collage. It came from Hobby Lobby, as did the mirror and chevron cork board. Got 'em all when they were 1/2 off! Can't beat their deals!

I'm in love with this piece now and am so glad we took the plunge to paint it. It was actually really easy and the paint took to it beautifully. The detailed drawers are my favorite part of it, although they sure weren't while I was painting them. HAHA!

I'm adding some cute drawer liner on the inside that just pumps up the cuteness a little bit. Only a few more things left and then I'll share pictures of the completed room. 
Hopefully it all gets done before they arrive!!!
Quick baby update....

Today we went back for another NST and steroid shot, since I was having mild contractions yesterday and dilated to 2 cm. Well, this morning at home I started having INTENSE, paralyzing lower back pain. It brought me to tears several times, they came regularly and I was just sure I was in labor. The tightness in my abdomen was radiating to my back something awful! It lasted for almost 2 hours, on and off. Good thing we were headed to the doc anyway, huh? Well, once I got there, things settled down, and even though I did have a few mild contractions during the NST, it was nothing to be concerned about, I haven't dilated any further and the doctor said to just rest for now. My BP is slightly higher than normal so they ran a little blood work (basically to check for preeclampsia). I go back Wednesday for my 34 week checkup and of course if I start feeling contractions before then, I'll let them know and we'll go from there.
I honestly feel like these babies will be here in the next week, although I really hope they wait at least 2. I've had a few more rounds of intense, paralyzing back pain since I've been home but nothing else.
Needless to say, things are gettin' real and I've got some bags to pack "just in case".

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

33 Week Checkup - Things, They Are a-Changin'

So I was going to post pictures of the twins' finished dresser and wall collages. But after today's doc appointment I felt like I needed to update about it. Let me start by saying EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!! Momma and babies are healthy.
We had our growth scan and babies look great. Grayson's estimated weight is now 4 lbs 8 oz, and Raegan's is 5 lbs 4 oz. They're slightly closer in weight so that's a good sign!
Next, we had our weekly NST. Once again, the babies' heart rates are wonderful, but I did have some contractions while I was hooked up to it....nothing too intense, and honestly, I didn't even notice them until she brought them to my attention. I mean, it's hard to tell when A. They're small contractions anyway, B. you have 3 tight bands strapped to your belly, and C. you're laying down. If it weren't for the tightening of my stomach and the sudden shortness of breath, I wouldn't have known. Turns out, that's probably what I was experiencing at home this morning before we left. I noticed I would get really short of breath just standing in the kitchen or putting on my makeup, with the slightest bit of tightening in my abdomen. 
My doctor checked me(man, I forgot how fun that is!) and I'm dilated to 2 cm. She said "technically" that's enough to be considered preterm labor, but since I'm not having regular, strong contractions, she's not too concerned yet. She did give me a steroid shot in the hip to help ensure the babies' lungs are developed if they were to come at 34 weeks (that's a WEEK AWAY, people!!). If they do come at 34 weeks, she won't stop them. That just runs into more risk for the mom, pumping her full of meds to stop labor, and she's not going to put my body through that. I love my doctor, BTW! I go back for another steroid shot tomorrow and we'll do another NST. She'll check to see if there's anymore dilation as well.

So, we're at that point now. The point where anything can happen and things can change in a day. On one hand, I am SO ready for the babies to be here, to not be pregnant anymore, to wear normal clothes and get my body back, but on the other hand I'm absolutely stressed and terrified over the idea of caring for 2 new babies (and a toddler, mind you!) and most importantly, I want to make sure they are healthy and ready to be out in the world. Joseph's really nervous that they'll come too early. He wants them to bake as long as possible. (easy for him to say, he ain't the one bakin' 'em!!) Of course I do too, but this is out of our control and they'll come when they're ready.

Little girl remains head down, which is great. Here's their heads side by side today. Too sweet.

So, that's the latest. I've been told to rest as much as possible, which I'm doing now. Joseph stayed home today to let me rest, put my feet up, and not worry about too much. He's the best! We'll go back tomorrow and see how things look from there. Hopefully they hold off for another 2-3 weeks, but I really doubt it. I think my doctor doubts it, too! Eeek!!
As far as everything else, we all look great. My BP is still wonderful, no swelling or anything else to be concerned about. Y'all just please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as time draws near for these babies to come. We want happy healthy babes that come when they're READY!
Thanks, friends! :)
Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Twins Tuesday - 33 Weeks

Evidently, babies are about the size of a durian...whatever that is!

How Far Along? 33 Weeks. 5 weeks or less to go!!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm totally pleading the 5th from here on out...

Genders: BOY AND A GIRL!!! Grayson Wells and Raegan Elise!

Maternity Clothes? Yep!! With the exception of stretchy pants at home and some maxi dresses, I'm in maternity everything.

Stretch Marks? No. I didn't get any with Hudson, so here's to hoping I have the same luck this time around. 

Sleep: It's OK. Some nights are better than others. I do a good bit of tossing from one side to the other. Still like the room cold!

Movement: Yes. Anywhere and everywhere, especially from baby girl. She likes to assault my ribs.

Food Cravings: Fruity drinks are so good to me right now. The sweet tooth has been in overdrive the last several weeks. I try to eat fruit, some yogurt, or even a little cereal when I want something sweet, but I won't lie and say I don't give in to the occasional donut or cookie. ;-)

Food Aversions: If I get a whiff of something less than appetizing in the morning, that'll get me.

Labor Signs: No.

Symptoms: Sciatic nerve pain, getting tired out quickly, shortness of breath, frequent potty breaks, some head/backaches, and the exhaustion is back. Braxton Hicks here and there.

Belly Button In or Out? Very much OUT!

Wedding Rings On or Off? On

Miss Anything? I just miss not getting so winded after doing the smallest of things. (like, getting off the couch...not even kidding.) And normal clothes. I'm ready for normal clothes!

Best Moment This Week: Definitely loved the weekend with my boys, getting things hung on the twins' walls, and getting their dresser painted! Loving that things are finally almost done! We're just about ready (as ready as we're gonna be) for these 2 new tiny humans to join our family!

Looking Forward To: Getting the room complete. Our 33 week appointment is tomorrow and we'll have a growth scan to check out how the twins are growing and sharing. I'm anxious to see if Grayson's weight is closer to his sister's this time. We'll only have one more growth scan after this one, at 36 weeks (assuming I make it that far. No reason to think I won't, you just never know.).
So surreal that this is almost over.

A little side-by-side comparison of 33 weeks with Hudson and the twins. Whoa, momma!!!!

Happy Tuesday! Only a few more pregnant Tuesdays left! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Whew, it's been a hot minute since I've posted, huh?? Oops. 
Well, I can assure you I'm still here....still pregnant(33 weeks tomorrow!!), still tired, still chasing around a very busy "Wagon Wheel"(known to my child as "Nock Me") crazed 2 year old, while trying to get ready for two newborns. 
Things are interesting around here, and they're only going to get more interesting. 
I think we'll need our own TV show before too long. I mean, everyone else has one so why not??

Here's what the last several days have been like around here.....

I've been working in the twins' room a good bit when I can. 
You can see why I don't always get a lot done.
At least he's cute.

Playing "Nock Me"(AKA: "Rock Me", AKA: "Wagon Wheel") on his Bubble Guppies momma's shoes. 

We had a pool day Thursday and Hudson was lucky enough to be the only dude there. 
He's pretty good at picking up chicks. Is that good or bad? Yikes!

Sometimes we take a break from our role as guitarist and sing vocals. Oh, and we use our maraca as a microphone. I think someone needs a mic/stand for Christmas.
And yes....daddy joined in on background vocals. Y'all. The people I live with are crazy.

Which is why things like this happen.....

I managed to get one wall project up in the twins' room. I'm pretty proud of it. We got the other (more complicated) one done last night but I'll wait and share pictures of it when I share it all...hopefully at the end of this week or beginning of next week.

Working on projects makes one pretty tired.

We finally got our acts together and repainted the dresser.(nothing like waiting until basically the last minute!) I've been going back and forth about it for a long time now but the very very pale yellow color just was not growing on me at all. We picked a shade that's exactly what I've been envisioning and it looks SO good, y'all! 
Don't worry. We had both windows wide open, the fan on, and the bedroom door open. This girl didn't breathe in crazy paint fumes!
It's hard to tell in these pics what the true color is. I'll wait and reveal that later when it's all done. 
It still needs some polyurethane. 

The detailed drawers are fabulous.....until you're having to paint them. 

I'm going to see if I can get away with just applying polyurethane to the top, and maybe the drawers. They'll be the most used areas anyway. Momma's just ready to be done, but it also needs to be done right!

Things are SO close to being done in their room. Bedding should here in no more than a week, my mom is making their curtains(because she's awesome!!! Thanks mom!) and I've got a couple more things coming to go on the walls over their cribs. Eeekkk! Cutting it down to the wire, but it's all on its way.

Was your weekend as exciting as ours?? ;-)