Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Twins Tuesday - 32 Weeks

How Far Along? 32 Weeks. 6 weeks or less to go!! (Doc won't let multiples go passed 38 weeks)
That can't be for real. I still have a strong feeling they'll come on their own around 35-36 weeks. Yikes, that's even more overwhelming!!!!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm totally pleading the 5th from here on out....for my pride, at least! HA!

Genders: BOY AND A GIRL!!! Grayson Wells and Raegan Elise!

Maternity Clothes? Yep!! With the exception of stretchy pants at home and some maxi dresses, I'm in maternity everything.

Stretch Marks? No. I didn't get any with Hudson, so here's to hoping I have the same luck this time around.

Sleep: It's OK. Some nights are better than others. As long as I'm cool at night, I can sleep pretty good. 

Movement: Yes. Anywhere and everywhere!

Food Cravings: I've really been into lemonade, peach punch, lemonberry slushes from Sonic. Fruity drinks are so good to me right now. The sweet tooth has been in overdrive. I try to eat fruit, some yogurt, or even a little cereal when I want something sweet, but I won't lie and say I don't give in to the occasional donut or cookie. ;-)

Food Aversions: Aversions are pretty much gone now. If I get a whiff of something less than appetizing in the morning, that'll get me though.

Labor Signs: No!

Symptoms: Sciatic nerve pain, getting tired out quickly, short of breath, frequent potty breaks, some head/backaches, and the exhaustion is back. I've had a few Braxton Hicks too.

Belly Button In or Out? Very much OUT!

Wedding Rings On or Off? On

Miss Anything? Just being able to do things for myself...lift things, etc. I get super worn out after doing the smallest things and have to rest afterward, which makes being a SAHM/homemaker difficult at times.

Best Moment This Week: We had a date night this weekend and went to a great restaurant. We really enjoyed ourselves, and being able to talk. Usually when we're out, we're making sure Hudson's eating, trying to keep him entertained so he doesn't act like "that child" at the restaurant, (you know the one I'm talking about) and rarely get to actually sit down and enjoy a nice meal and each other's company. Hopefully we can squeeze in at least one more date night before the twins come, but this very well could have been our last one before we're a family of FIVE! Big thanks to Joseph's parents for keeping Hudson so we could go out!!
I'm also making progress on things for the twins' walls so that's exciting (and relieving). I've got to get some frames for that stuff, their bedding should ship in a week or so (YAY!!!!) and I've ordered an adorable door hanger and something to go over their cribs...so much for the DIY project I was going to do. Momma just doesn't have it in her at this point! I'd rather just pay someone to do it for me. I'm working on getting clothes, including Hudson's old clothes, freshly washed and put away and having their clothes organized before their arrival.
Hopefully in a couple weeks, I can finally have their room 100% ready and share pictures. I'm so excited about how it's going to look!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. This is crazy! You look so good and I can't even imagine that you've gained that much weight. You are all belly sister! I can't wait to see their room!


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