Thursday, August 15, 2013

Twins' Dresser Makeover-ish

I've finally got some pictures of the twins' dresser ready to share. I wanted to wait until the room was entirely finished to share pictures but oh well.

A while back, I got this dresser....

Gorgeous, right??? It's solid mahogany, and I got it from a local store that sells revamped furniture. They sell a lot of painted pieces and some that are in their beautiful original wood states. BEAUTIFUL things! The problem is, I never really cared for the color. It was a VERY pale yellow that just didn't go with what I envisioned. It was a little too Easter egg yellow for me. I also wasn't wild about ALL the distressing done to it. I think distressed furniture can look wonderful in the right room, but it just did not go in this one. 

I knew what yellow shade I wanted, I just had to find it. I checked out Valspar's selection and found several I really liked. I weeded out yellows that were too school bus, sunshine, pale, bright, etc. I wanted a buttery, maize yellow. The perfect medium yellow, simple right? HA!
Luckily, I found what I wanted pretty quickly after testing out some colors, but procrastinated about actually doing it. I was just trying to give myself some time for the original color to grow on me. Nope. Couldn't do it.
So, last weekend, Joseph got the paint and the accessories and we tackled this bad boy. I am so proud of the finished product and it is exactly what I wanted.
We went with Valspar "Hail a Cab" and I love it! These pictures do not even do it justice or show the true color. It's so beautiful in person and looks amazing against the gray walls, with pops of the aqua/teal in the accents. We used a semi-gloss and the finish looks great on the dresser.

Keep in mind, the changing pad and a few other accessories will go on it, so it won't be this bare for long. :)

I'm also super proud to say that all of the artwork was made by yours truly! Obviously the mirror and chevron cork board are store bought. ;)
 Picasa and PicMonkey are both amazing tools! Try 'em out if you haven't already! A couple things were downloaded for free from links I found on Pinterest. I also love that the lamp shade becomes part of the collage. It came from Hobby Lobby, as did the mirror and chevron cork board. Got 'em all when they were 1/2 off! Can't beat their deals!

I'm in love with this piece now and am so glad we took the plunge to paint it. It was actually really easy and the paint took to it beautifully. The detailed drawers are my favorite part of it, although they sure weren't while I was painting them. HAHA!

I'm adding some cute drawer liner on the inside that just pumps up the cuteness a little bit. Only a few more things left and then I'll share pictures of the completed room. 
Hopefully it all gets done before they arrive!!!
Quick baby update....

Today we went back for another NST and steroid shot, since I was having mild contractions yesterday and dilated to 2 cm. Well, this morning at home I started having INTENSE, paralyzing lower back pain. It brought me to tears several times, they came regularly and I was just sure I was in labor. The tightness in my abdomen was radiating to my back something awful! It lasted for almost 2 hours, on and off. Good thing we were headed to the doc anyway, huh? Well, once I got there, things settled down, and even though I did have a few mild contractions during the NST, it was nothing to be concerned about, I haven't dilated any further and the doctor said to just rest for now. My BP is slightly higher than normal so they ran a little blood work (basically to check for preeclampsia). I go back Wednesday for my 34 week checkup and of course if I start feeling contractions before then, I'll let them know and we'll go from there.
I honestly feel like these babies will be here in the next week, although I really hope they wait at least 2. I've had a few more rounds of intense, paralyzing back pain since I've been home but nothing else.
Needless to say, things are gettin' real and I've got some bags to pack "just in case".


  1. It turned out so nice!!! I hope you can get some rest.

  2. Wow!!! This is sooo beautiful! Job well done my friend! And still thinking of you and those two little ones...Praying they hang in there as long as possible to bake some more!

    Good luck. They have a beautiful room to come home to!


  3. the dresser looks wonderful!
    and I'm sorry to hear about all the stuff you're going through lately, hope everything feels much better very soon!


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