Thursday, August 01, 2013

31 Week Checkup

Doctor appointment went well yesterday. They did a fluid check and both babies' fluid looked good. Per the specialist's suggestion, they will do a quick fluid check at every weekly visit from here on out. This will just ensure baby girl isn't getting away with stealing all the fluid and "good stuff" from her brother. 
The non-stress test went wonderfully.(having them every week now too) Babies had great heart-rates, with no contractions or distress going on.

Laying on your back for 30 minutes or more with two babies laying on your vena cava, making you all kinds of dizzy and short of breath, and these things strapped to your belly is most definitely not my idea of comfortable, but hey...ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

At least they give me a comfy pillow. Next time, I'll request the lights be turned off so I can nap. :)
 Glamorous NST selfie...and my necklace attacking my neck.

Good looking heart-rates.

During the fluid check, the U/S tech managed to get a good shot of Grayson's face. Cutie!
If you recall from last week, Raegan was head-down in the vertex position for like the FIRST time this entire pregnancy!! Well, little miss decided she didn't like that and now her head is right under my ribs again. She's facing my back so no photo opp for her this week. This also means her butt is right on brother's head. Bless it! Guess it's payback for all the kicking he did of her head early on. 
Not even here yet and they've already got the fighting thing down pat.

When I got home, I had a surprise waiting in the mailbox! My friend Nancy made these adorable onesies for the twins. I die!!!
Can't wait to get these on them! Thank you, thank you Nancy!

I continue to be so thankful for such an easy, healthy pregnancy. Things are getting a bit more complicated, but not because anything's wrong. Multiples are so iffy and we're at the point where they need to watched more closely, and I really need to pay attention to my body in the event these babies decide to come early.
It's crazy to believe these babies will be here in no more than SEVEN weeks! My doctor won't let me go over 38 weeks, but also said if I go into labor at 35 or 36 weeks, she won't stop it. I still have a gut feeling they'll come on their own around 35-36 weeks, but only time will tell. The longer they stay in, the better, but sometimes it's better for them to go ahead and come out and as long as they're healthy and ready to live in the outside world, it's OK with me! I'm sure come 38 weeks(or earlier), I'll be trying every trick in the book to put myself into labor. HA!

I really better get my behind into gear and get things ready for them! (I keep saying that...)

Happy Thursday!


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