Friday, July 29, 2011

The Man in the Mirror

Somebody likes their reflection......

These pictures are horrible quality, but you get the idea! ;-)

Have a fabulous weekend guys!!! :-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I've started watermarking my pictures...not that I expect anyone to steal them or anything, but I just thought it was a good idea.

Happy Hump Day! :-)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Day

Today Hudson and I went on an outing to Target for some bedding and groceries. Typically we go to Publix but I didn't want to make two stops so I knocked it out at one place. I love Super Target! I usually just put Hudson's car seat in the cart and pile stuff around him but since I was getting bedding also I had to put him in his Infantino carrier. I've only used it once or twice so I wasn't sure how he'd do now that he's older and not quite as easy as he was at 4 or 8 weeks. He LOVED it! He stayed awake about halfway through our shopping trip, then was KNOCKED OUT. And I do mean out cold. I was bending down getting a pack of waters and some cokes, putting them under the shopping cart, etc.....nothin'! I put everything away in the car...nothin'! I put him back in his car seat and he barely flinched. Poor baby was tired! He slept all the way home and was just as happy as a clam when we got home. I laid him down so I could get everything in and he could cool off and he just had a great time hanging out until it was time to eat. He's been wide awake ever since, with the exception of a quick 20 minute catnap, and that's fine with me. Hopefully it means he'll sleep good tonight. :-)

Ready to go shopping!

Aaannddd.....exhausted!! Sweet baby.

I've been wanting some new bedding for our room for a while. What we had isn't old and it's really pretty, but I wanted something softer, a white comforter with soft colors with it. I decided on this blue color scheme for it. For some reason the color is a little off. The blues have a greenish tone to them. They're not baby blue and they're not silvery like the picture is making them look. (the printed one is a little bit, though) I'm going to put our old set in the guest bedroom. It has a khaki colored duvet on it currently and looks sloppy.

I love this ruffled pillow. Neither the throw nor the pillows actually go with the bedding set. (it just comes with the comforter and shams) They were all in with the toss pillows and they all just happened to look good together.

I feel like it needs something else though. Maybe another pillow for some "pop" or some additional shams in a blue color, I'm not sure. Plus it's really wrinkled and I'm hoping those fall out in a day or so, if not, I guess I'll be steaming it. :-)

Now I just need this, or something similar, to complete the look I'm going for with the bed. I want an upholstered headboard SO bad and have for a while. Our mattress (Tempurpedic) has its own foundation so all that's needed is the headboard. Our current bedroom suit is the same one I've had for as long as I can remember. It's the bedroom suit my parents bought me when I was 4 and it's still in wonderful condition to be 23+ years old! As beautiful and special as it is, I'd like something more updated in the next couple of years. A light colored upholstered headboard would go with anything we get.

Another thing we picked up at Target was teething rings. Hudson is definitely in the beginning stages of teething. He can't keep his hand or my shirt out of his mouth and I think it's been bothering him the past couple of days. I got a pack of 3 to put in the fridge and pull out when he needs them. I let him try one out earlier.

Trying to figure out how to hold it and get it in his mouth. (I helped him get it this far!)
He's not too sure about it and pretty much prefers his hands over everything else right now.

We had a great day together, as always, and once again I'm so thankful I get to spend my days with him. Not only is he sweet and cute.....he's also the best shopping buddy I've ever had! ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Pictures

I think somebody's a ham! ;-)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3 Months!

Hudson, you are 3 MONTHS OLD today!! I can't begin to believe that. You are growing and changing by leaps and bounds and I am so glad I get to be with you every day to see it all for myself!

  • According to our home scale, you weigh about 13 1/2 pounds. (We don't go back to the doctor until your 4 month checkup.)
  • You have moved up to size 2 diapers, although the 1s still fit (barely). 2s are just more comfortable and we ran out of 1s and didn't want to go buy another pack and you end up growing out of them before we were able to use them all.
  • You are wearing some 0-3 months clothes, but are fitting better into 3-6 months. Things just aren't long enough.
  • You are eating 4-5 oz every 3 hours....every now and then you'll eat even more than that!
  • We are not on a consistent sleeping/feeding schedule yet, but we're getting closer.
  • You usually go to sleep around 10:30-11 and sleep until about 5:30 or 6. After that feeding you usually go down for about 2-3 more hours. We're hoping you start going to bed earlier soon. 11 is a little late! :)
  • You still have nights here and there when you get up around 2 or so. When you are sleeping through the night consistently, we'll begin the transition to your room. :(
  • You usually take either one good nap (2-3 hrs) or a few catnaps (20-30 min. each) every day.
  • You can hold your head up totally independently now! You have great control of your head and neck.
  • You love sitting in your Bumbo seat and it seems to be helping you learn how to sit up on your own. Sometimes you can sit up without support for a few seconds. (of course I'm right there with you!)
  • You want to sit up and be a big boy so bad. When I lay you in your lounger, you try so hard to sit up.
  • You are great at standing with help and love to put your weight on your legs and feet. You are very strong.
  • You love watching TV, the computer (Veggie Tales anyone?), and anything with light.
  • You've started seeing yourself in the mirror and crack up! It's so cute.
  • Your hands are your favorite accessory at the moment. They are hardly ever out of your mouth. If they are, your paci is usually in there. I'm just waiting for that first tooth!
  • For reasons explained above, you're a drool monster.
  • You love smiling, smiling's your favorite. (Elf anyone?) I love how your eyes smile when you smile.
  • You also love to talk, blow bubbles, and make noises with all of that slobber in your mouth! HA!
  • You have started laughing and it is the cutest. thing. ever. There is no more precious sound than your laugh.
  • You are a momma's boy, but boy do you love your daddy!?!? You light up when he comes home and have the best time with him!
  • You love tummy time and will spend forever on your tummy. You can lift your head up SO good and prop up on your arms.
  • Your eyes are darkening, and are now a greenish brownish color.
  • You're getting more hair (slowly) and it seems to be growing faster on the sides and the back. There may be a mullet in your future. HA!
  • You still love bath time and love splashing and kicking in the water.
  • Your pouty face is the saddest thing in the world and it breaks my heart.
  • You like to kick up your legs and check out your feet, especially in the car seat.
  • You used to sleep the whole time you were in the car seat, but now you are awake almost the entire time. If you're really tired, you'll fall asleep but most of the time you're wide awake and happy, just looking at everything around you.
  • You've been to Cheddar's and Cracker Barrel and you frequent Target and Publix with mommy.
  • You are a doll and people come up to see you all the time to "ooo" and "aahhh" over you.
  • We're hoping to take you on your first beach trip in the next month or two. You have a couple of bathing suits you need to test out. ;)
We are loving how interactive you're getting with us and can't wait to see how you continue to grow and change before our eyes. We love you so much we can't even put it into words. You are THE best thing to come into our lives and we hope you always know how loved you are. We will tell you every chance we get, so just get ready for us to get on your nerves. We are going to be "those" parents...the ones who tell you they love you all the time, hug and kiss you every chance we get, and embarrass you when we drop you off for school. Just go ahead and get used to the idea. :-)

I took a lot more pictures today and will post them tomorrow sometime after I have time to edit them a little bit in Lightroom. ;-)
Here's one of Hudson wearing one of his Daddy's old shirts. (I told you he loves kicking those legs up in the air!)
I'm promise he's not always quite this happy! He had just gotten up from a great nap. ;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hudson was able to take his hand out of his mouth long enough to play with mommy for a minute today. He tried to copy what I was doing. Cute. ;-)

(Yes, Joseph, I recorded it vertically again. I always forget to turn it horizontally.)

I can't believe my sweet boy will be 3 months old tomorrow. It doesn't seem like it's possible. :( Even though he's growing up, which makes me sad, he is getting more and more fun. I'm loving how he interacts with us, and I know it'll only get better. ;-)

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Veggie Tales Lovin' Drool Monster.......

That's what Hudson is. He loves looking at our computers, the TV, anything with light. But we played some Veggie Tales on Joseph's iPad the other night and Hudson loved it. He tried singing along with the song. (He does this when someone sings to him too!) ;) He loved it so much that he would cry when Joseph stopped it and put it away. No joke! It probably had to do with the fact that he was tired too, but the timing was perfect. HA! Today I played my all-time favorite Veggie Tales song, "The Hairbrush".

"Oh this looks interesting...."

"I think I like it...."

"This is funny!!"

He got so excited!

Trying to sneak in a bite of a hand while he's watching Veggie Tales with Mommy. :)


He was an absolute drooling fool while we were watching (Exhibit A: his soaked sleeper, and he looks like he's ready to fight mommy for taking his hand out of his mouth and replacing it with the paci! HA!) and I'm pretty sure teething is in our near future. The pediatrician said that he'd be drooling like crazy at his 4 month appointment. Well, he's drooling like crazy at 3 months. I'm probably going to have to start keeping a bib permanently attached to him. :) Teething terrifies me because I have heard many horror stories. I'm hoping he handles it OK and with teething rings and some Tylenol he'll make it just fine. We shall see soon enough I guess!

Obviously my blog streak ended. I didn't have anything to blog about over the weekend and I try to reserve weekends for spending time with my boys anyway. ;) I hope y'all had a great weekend and you have a wonderful week ahead!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Blogging Streak

I don't know what it is, but I've been on a blogging roll the last week or so. I've blogged every day since last Wednesday, with the exception of Saturday. I'm pretty proud, seeing as how I was doing good to blog once a week. Now, I'm sure this will not last and I'll start slacking a little bit but I'm going to try to blog at least 3 times a week. It's getting easier as Hudson's getting older.

I don't really have much to blog about today though, but I had to continue the streak! ;)

I do have a cute video to share though. I was playing giddy-up with Hudson the other day and he loved it! Too bad I didn't record the first time we did it. He laughed SO hard! This one is good too. Excuse my annoying self, and yes, I am wearing shorts, I promise! :)

There were times when I was laughing so hard I couldn't talk or breathe. Sweetest. thing. ever. Gosh, he's growing up on us!

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!! :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lunch Date With Daddy

We haven't gotten out of the house much over the last couple of weeks since it's been so hot....or raining. Hudson and I were both ready for an outing so we went to have lunch with daddy today.

Ready to go see daddy. Hudson was enthralled by the camera!

Excited about a lunch date with that daddy character!

Hudson and daddy at Cracker Barrel. It was turkey & dressing day. YUM!! ;-)
(I love Instagram btw!)

We decided since we were already out and all dressed up that we'd take a trip to Target. Hudson was in need of a few more around-the-house onesies and sleepers. He's growing too fast! (I can't believe he'll be 3 months old in 6 days!!) Mommy may have gotten a few things too. ;) He just stared up at me the whole time and was such a sweet boy. When we were done we came home so Hudson could eat. He was a hungry boy! He needed a nap (and still does) but wouldn't fall asleep. Maybe that means it will be an extra good night!

I hope y'all had a great day too! The weekend is almost here! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....Watch Out Ladies!

P.S. Thank you Sue-Sue (my mom) for the awesome shades!