Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Day

Today Hudson and I went on an outing to Target for some bedding and groceries. Typically we go to Publix but I didn't want to make two stops so I knocked it out at one place. I love Super Target! I usually just put Hudson's car seat in the cart and pile stuff around him but since I was getting bedding also I had to put him in his Infantino carrier. I've only used it once or twice so I wasn't sure how he'd do now that he's older and not quite as easy as he was at 4 or 8 weeks. He LOVED it! He stayed awake about halfway through our shopping trip, then was KNOCKED OUT. And I do mean out cold. I was bending down getting a pack of waters and some cokes, putting them under the shopping cart, etc.....nothin'! I put everything away in the car...nothin'! I put him back in his car seat and he barely flinched. Poor baby was tired! He slept all the way home and was just as happy as a clam when we got home. I laid him down so I could get everything in and he could cool off and he just had a great time hanging out until it was time to eat. He's been wide awake ever since, with the exception of a quick 20 minute catnap, and that's fine with me. Hopefully it means he'll sleep good tonight. :-)

Ready to go shopping!

Aaannddd.....exhausted!! Sweet baby.

I've been wanting some new bedding for our room for a while. What we had isn't old and it's really pretty, but I wanted something softer, a white comforter with soft colors with it. I decided on this blue color scheme for it. For some reason the color is a little off. The blues have a greenish tone to them. They're not baby blue and they're not silvery like the picture is making them look. (the printed one is a little bit, though) I'm going to put our old set in the guest bedroom. It has a khaki colored duvet on it currently and looks sloppy.

I love this ruffled pillow. Neither the throw nor the pillows actually go with the bedding set. (it just comes with the comforter and shams) They were all in with the toss pillows and they all just happened to look good together.

I feel like it needs something else though. Maybe another pillow for some "pop" or some additional shams in a blue color, I'm not sure. Plus it's really wrinkled and I'm hoping those fall out in a day or so, if not, I guess I'll be steaming it. :-)

Now I just need this, or something similar, to complete the look I'm going for with the bed. I want an upholstered headboard SO bad and have for a while. Our mattress (Tempurpedic) has its own foundation so all that's needed is the headboard. Our current bedroom suit is the same one I've had for as long as I can remember. It's the bedroom suit my parents bought me when I was 4 and it's still in wonderful condition to be 23+ years old! As beautiful and special as it is, I'd like something more updated in the next couple of years. A light colored upholstered headboard would go with anything we get.

Another thing we picked up at Target was teething rings. Hudson is definitely in the beginning stages of teething. He can't keep his hand or my shirt out of his mouth and I think it's been bothering him the past couple of days. I got a pack of 3 to put in the fridge and pull out when he needs them. I let him try one out earlier.

Trying to figure out how to hold it and get it in his mouth. (I helped him get it this far!)
He's not too sure about it and pretty much prefers his hands over everything else right now.

We had a great day together, as always, and once again I'm so thankful I get to spend my days with him. Not only is he sweet and cute.....he's also the best shopping buddy I've ever had! ;)


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