Monday, January 31, 2011

28 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 28 Weeks!
Size of baby: Around 17 inches long, and the size of a small cabbage. Weighs about 2.9 (3) lbs!
Total Weight Gain: About 19 pounds.
Maternity Clothes: Pants and some shirts. Length is becoming a problem with shirts.
Stretch Marks: No. But I am getting "the line" down my belly.
Belly button in or out: Still in.
Gender: BOY! Hudson Thomas Puckett :)
Movement: Yes! I feel him every day...some days more than others. He is a very active little boy and likes to play about the time I'm going to bed. ;) His favorite times to move are in the mid-morning and in the evening.
Food Cravings/Aversions: Just give me food...especially after having such limited options last week! :-)
What I miss: Sleeping on my back, being able to breathe through my nose, and being able to do things (even around the house) without getting winded or exhausted. But, that's what I have such a rock-star hubby for, right?! ;)
Sleep: Sleep has been OK...just can't get enough of it!
Symptoms: Tiredness, backaches, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, and a few things I'll spare you! ;)
Best Moment this week: Joseph has been feeling Hudson move a LOT more and he loves it. Hudson is NOT afraid to tell you to move your hands. Any time I rest my arms on my belly when I'm on my laptop at home, he tries his best to kick them away! He did this during my 3 hour glucose test too when I was reading a book! HA! Attitude already! ;) He had the hiccups for a while last night cracks me up when he gets the hiccups! We got his bedding ordered and it will be ready in March! I am so ready to get his nursery done!!

I hope that your Monday is a good one! :-)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mark That Off The To-Do List!

We can officially mark Hudson's bedding off the to-do list!! Well, pretty much. We met with the lady yesterday to finalize the design of his bedding. I'm really excited about how it's going to look! I know I posted these pictures a while back, but here they are again.

These are the main fabrics we're using.

The dots will be used less than the stripes and paisley, as more of an accent fabric.

And the chocolate minky dots and fluffy aqua are going to be used on his blanket, accents on his pillow, and on his changing pad cover. She's also making a valance using the stripes and paisley fabrics, and she will applique the letters in his name on the 3 main fabrics so I can then cover canvas tiles with them and hang them on the wall by some chocolate brown ribbon. This is the idea:

I already picked up the tiles and ribbon from Hobby Lobby so I can whip those up when she gets the fabric to me.

I knew from the beginning that if we had a boy, I wanted to use brown, green, & blue for his room. We're keeping his walls neutral, so I wanted to bring in the color with all the accessories. It will all be ready in March and I can't wait to see it all come together! :-)

We picked up a few things from Publix on the way home yesterday, and I was pretty sure I had died and gone to heaven when I found this.....


I am not a huge Girl Scout Cookie fan.....I can take or leave most of them. But I L.O.V.E. the Samoas!! The ice cream is a little different than I'd thought it'd be, but it's really good...especially when you get a big chunk of cookie! I definitely recommend trying it if you like Samoas like I do!! ;) They also have it in Thin Mint and Tagalong flavors, but only for a couple of months I believe.

I hope y'all have a had a great weekend. I know I've enjoyed this beautiful, sunny & warm weather we've had! Makes me even more ready for Summer than I already am. I need a beach trip bad!! :-)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Funnies

Since I'm going to start doing a Wordless Wednesday every week, I thought it'd be fun to have some other special day. So, I picked Friday and decided to post a "funny" every Friday. These will be anything from funnies you may see in a newspaper, jokes, pictures, etc.

Here's today's....


Have a great weekend! We're meeting with the bedding lady tomorrow and I can't wait to nail down the design for Hudson's bedding!

Enjoy the beautiful weather we're supposed to have! :-)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Survey Says.......

I PASSED my glucose test!! Got the call around 9:30 this morning and could not be more relieved! I was seriously stressing about it, although women all over the world deal with it during pregnancy, and millions of people live with diabetes (my mother and grandfather included) every day of their lives. With my family history, I could have easily developed it, but was blessed to avoid it this time around. It's about more than having to cut out bad foods...I'll do that in a heartbeat if I need to. It's about Hudson and I being as healthy as possible. That's the most important thing!(him more than me, but if I'm not healthy, he's not healthy)

I just wanted to share the good news, although most of you've seen it on Facebook. :-) My mom and I had a great day yesterday. We did some good shopping (she's way too good to me) and enjoyed our time together very much. The time spent together is what it's all about, especially as we savor these last few months as just me and her. We'll have a shopping buddy with us come April! ;) Most of our shopping was for him anyway and he's not even here yet! HA! He got some really cute outfits, including the shoes and onesie I posted last night. I couldn't pass up that onesie. With his daddy being the social media guru he is, especially Facebook, I thought it was just meant to be! He also got a few other things that he will love (and his mommy will too!). We also set out to look for a cute dress to wear to my shower in March...a little early, yes, but y'all know me. I don't wait to the last minute...or month for that matter! HA! We checked out Motherhood Maternity in the Galleria (first time I've been there in at least a year or more). I avoid the Galleria as much as possible. I'm just not a fan. I tried on a few dresses and found the one I probably want to wear, but they didn't have my size. The lady was nice enough to call the store at Brookwood (just down the road..kinda) and she found out they have it. So they put it on hold and hopefully I'll make it there this evening. I'll post a picture of it as soon as I know it's THE dress. :-) I also got this cute dress.....
And I wanted to get a picture that I didn't take of myself. So I thought I'd show you the bump, as well as the dress. :) It's very comfy! You can't tell, but the bottom half is a black/dark gray houndstooth. Being an Alabama fan, I LOVE me some houndstooth! The boots look brown but they're actually more gray too.

I hope all of you are having a great Thursday so far. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday. It seems like the weeks are flying by! I don't know how I feel about this. ;) Y'all have a good day and enjoy the beautiful weather. It's sunny and the high is in the mid-50s here today! It's getting up to the mid-60s Saturday! Lovin' that!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


I've seen a few other bloggers that have a "Wordless Wednesday" post every week, and I thought it was a great idea. So, I'm going to start doing my own. I'm not really good at going "wordless" you know...I tend to ramble. BUT, I'll try my best! :-)
So here goes....


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Has Got To Be A Sign, Right??

Well, tomorrow is D-Day! I have my 3 hour glucose test at 8am!! That means, nothing to eat or drink after midnight, except 2, 8oz. glasses of water (or in layman's terms, one bottle of my Deer Park water). There's a little over a pint of water in it, and 1 pint = 16 ounces. And yes, I had to Google how many ounces are in a pint. :-) The 1 hour test wasn't too bad, because well, it was only 1 hour. Granted, I was absolutely starving by the time 9:30 rolled around and I was done, but it wasn't so bad. I can't imagine sitting in that uncomfortable chair for 3 hours. THREE HOURS!! OF course, I can get up and move around, but there's only so much of that you can do in a doctor's office. My back just about killed me last week, so I know to bring a little pillow with me this time. I'm really worried about passing out from hunger...especially since they're taking my blood FOUR times. By the time I'm done, it will be well over 12 hours since I've eaten anything. I usually have a nightly snack of a small bowl of Cheerios with some strawberries in it. That's at around 8 or so. I may need to push it back to around 10 or so. ;-) Needless to say...I'll have some snacks in my purse to inhale when I'm done.

One the bright side....yes, there IS a bright side, my mom is coming down after my appointment to spend the day with me and do some shopping. Now, typically we would go to Edgar's for lunch and a little "treat". BUT, since I'll already be on a huge sugar high from the drink, and I won't know whether I've passed or not, I'll need to stay away from my beloved Edgar's. Breaks my heart. It's not a shopping day with mom without a cupcake...or two. (kidding) We'll just have to find a healthier option for this outing. My mom will probably be more upset about this than me, actually. She worships Edgar's...which is totally understandable. :-)

Today, a nice man from Sonic came in and gave me LOTS of coupons and a token for a free Limeade! I L.O.V.E. Limeades...especially the cherry and strawberry. Surely God wouldn't tease me this way, right? He knows how much I love my Limeades and I've been such a good girl since I started this diet on Friday. SO GOOD!! This has to be a sign, right? Well....I'm going to think it is, and think happy thoughts for tomorrow. Happy....HAPPY!!

And if I pass that crummy test, I'm going to celebrate with one of
And perhaps one of THESE....
Hoping and praying I get my celebratory meal! HA! If I have to wait 3 more months to get it...that's OK! :-)

Hope y'all are having a great Tuesday..aside from the cold, rainy weather!

Monday, January 24, 2011

27 Weeks - 3rd Trimester!!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 27 Weeks! Officially in the 3rd trimester!! No. Frickin'. Way.
Size of baby: Around 16 inches long, the size of a head of cauliflower. Weighs about 2.5 lbs!
Total Weight Gain: About 19 pounds. I had gained about 3 more pounds at my appointment last week since my last appointment 4 weeks ago. The doctor is pleased, although that sounds like so much to me. You're supposed to gain a pound a week, so if I do that I'll still be in the suggested weight gain range when all is said and done.
Maternity Clothes: Pants and some shirts. I still wear some regular shirts around the house and they don't cover my belly all the way! HA! Don't worry, I don't go out like that in public. ;)
Stretch Marks: No. But I am getting "the line" down my belly...I can blame it on my dark features...which I can blame on my dad. HA! Love you dad!
Belly button in or out: A little shallow, but still in. I think we have a few more weeks before it pops out.
Gender: BOY! Hudson Thomas Puckett :)
Movement: Yes! I feel him every day...some days more than others. He is a very active little boy and likes to play about the time I'm going to bed. ;) His favorite times to move are in the mid-morning and in the evening.
Food Cravings/Aversions: Good grief, I had no idea what a craving was until I couldn't have the good stuff anymore!! I've been sticking to this diet for my glucose tolerance test on Wednesday. Now, some people don't have to do the diet beforehand, but my doctor's office likes you to keep the sugar and bad carbs out of your system a few days prior to the test. I guess they want to make sure the results aren't skewed by that huge cinnamon roll with extra icing you had for a snack the night before. ;)
What I miss: Sleeping on my back, and being able to breathe through my nose.
Sleep: Sleep has been OK...just can't get enough of it!
Symptoms: Tiredness, backaches, nasal congestion, and a few things I'll spare you! ;) I get out of breath pretty easily too. Even changing positions and getting comfortable in bed is taxing. I try not to move too much at night for this very reason. HA!
Best Moment this week: Well, other than failing my first glucose test, this week was really good! I've felt great, Hudson's been moving like crazy, and we scheduled an appointment with the bedding lady to design his bedding. We're doing that on Saturday! I also got a new Shark Steam Mop and I'm really excited about that too! Not baby-related, but it was a good moment this week! :-) I tested it out last night and my kitchen tile looks better than it has in a loooonnnnngggg time! So long, Swiffer!! Can't wait to use it on my hardwoods and the bathroom tile too! I love that it just uses chemicals! And the pads are washable, so that means no more buying Swiffer pads and cleaning solution! YAY! OK, enough of the ridiculous excitement over the mop. :-)

I hope y'all have a fantastic Monday!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank You!

I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank everyone who has voted, or is going to vote, for my blog on Top Mommy Blogs. Since Tuesday, my blog has jumped from #406 to #248. Not too shabby!! It's not like I'm looking to win the top spot or anything (although that would be super cool, of course), I just thought it'd be a fun thing to do. This is also a great website to find awesome blogs to read/follow. I just "met" my newest follower who found me through the site. I look forward to following her blog as well. My blog really pales in comparison to most of these. There are some truly inspiring, humorous, and entertaining blogs out there.

If any of you are considering starting a blog, I say go for it! It's a great outlet for me to vent feelings, update friends and family on daily happenings, etc. I tried to start a blog once or twice before, but just wasn't committed to it. It's not hard, but it can consume some time. You just have to stick with it for a while and you'll know if it's something that will work for you or not. I've had my blog going since May of last year, and while it hasn't always been easy to come up with things to blog about, or find the time to blog, I've stuck with it and I love it!! I do it mostly for my friends and family who live far away, but I also do it for my Facebook friends and anyone else who wants to read it, as well as myself. I can't wait to look back on these posts one day, especially the ones about my pregnancy. I really had no idea what I was doing at first, and just figured it all out myself....that doesn't mean I have it all figured out. I learn something else at least once a week, and still have a lot to learn, but I enjoy figuring it out on my own. I learn better that way. Hopefully once Hudson comes, I won't slack off too much. That's when the real fun posting will come...updates on him, what he's doing, and lots of pictures! ;)

So if you're on the fence about starting one, just take the chance and try it out. It'll start out small, but once people realize you have a blog (by you posting links to it on your Facebook, talking about it in conversations, email, and FB, etc., you will slowly begin to have followers. I have 17, which isn't necessarily a whole lot (although it's a lot to me), but I appreciate and value each and every one of you and love sharing my life with you!!! I also know there are many people who don't "follow" it publicly, but still read it. I truly appreciate the fact that you find it at least interesting enough that you take the time out of your day to read it! :-)

I hope y'all have a great Friday, and an even better weekend!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yep. That's right. I flunked my glucose test. MAJOR sad face goin' on right now! My glucose was elevated so now I have to go back for the super-fantastic 3 hour tolerance test next Wednesday. Here's what will go down: I stick to this diet they gave me for at least 3 days before the test...I'll probably just start it tomorrow and get in the swing of it, drink lots of water (which I do anyway), including 6, 8-ounce glasses of water for two days before the test, nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before, except for 2, 8-ounce glasses of water the morning of the test. When I go in for the test, they'll draw my blood first thing. Then, I'll drink the "Sunkist on steroids" and they'll draw my blood 3 more times, after an hour, after 2 hours, then after 3 hours. I can already tell you're jealous that I get to do this...I know, I know...exciting stuff!

The good news is that many women who fail the first test go on to pass the second one. The first test is performed on all pregnant women (unless they already have diabetes) as a "screening" and it helps catch those women who could possibly have GD. So far, I have had no sugar in my blood or urine, so if they didn't do this screening test they wouldn't know my sugar was elevated. I'm hoping and praying that I am one of those women whose sugar is just slightly abnormal and the first test caught that, but that this second test will show that I do not have GD. All I can do is stick to this diet (which is a very sensible one for anyone, FYI) and hope and pray for the best. If it turns out that I have to swap lettuce and celery for a burger and fries for the next 3 months, so be it! (I'm being dramatic of course!) Anything for Hudson!!

I guess it's a good thing that I picked up a couple new books while we were at Target last night! HA! They'll certainly help pass the time next week. ;) We also got a lot of healthy snacks to keep at the office...yogurt, whole grain crackers, cheese, nuts, fruit. I think the big man was telling me something!! I'm going to try not to let this get me down, and just do my best to take care of little Hudson and myself and pray for the best next week! That's really all I can do.

And for at least the next week....I'll be getting my cheeseburger fix from this...

Happy Hump Day!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunkist on Steroids....

Well, I had my monthly appointment this morning. The doctor was very pleased with everything! My weight gain is great (if you say so!)...looks like I've gained about 3 pounds since my last visit (you should gain about a pound a week), Hudson's heartbeat was great, at 140, and my blood pressure and everything else looks great too. I'm measuring right on track too! The uterus is about the size of a basketball at this point! WOW!

The biggest part of today's appointment was the glucose test. I was absolutely dreading it! I sat in the chair and the nurse gave me this styrofoam cup full of this orange liquid (that looks just like Sunkist) to drink.

At first I thought, "Oh, this isn't so bad." After a bigger second sip, I was ready to spit it out! It was the sweetest thing I have ever tasted! I don't even want to know much sugar is in there! In case you're not familiar with the glucose screening test, it evaluates how your body processes sugar. A high level in your blood may indicate that your body is not processing sugar effectively (positive test). If the results of this screen are positive, you'll need to have the big, 3 hour glucose tolerance test performed. A lot of women fail the first test and end up passing the second one and do not develop gestational diabetes. If you do have GD, you have to stick to a specific diet that pretty much eliminates all sugar, a lot of fat, etc. I didn't feel so hot after drinking extremely sugary drink at 8:30 in the morning, on an empty stomach (per instructed), then blood drawn an hour later (while I'm starving to death) = not fun! BUT it's just part of the journey of pregnancy. I go to a satellite office near my house for my appointments, so I don't have to drive downtown every time, and since they don't have the equipment to run the test, I won't find out my results until tomorrow or possibly Thursday. The nurse told me that no news is good news. They will only call me if I failed and I need to come in for the 3 hour test. I hate that! I always worry that they forgot about me, and that I should've gotten a call, but didn't. Silly...I know!! I wish they'd call and let you know either way.
Well, here's hoping for NO phone call!! :)
Oh, and if you're wondering what the drink tastes like, a lot of people say it tastes like a really sweet Sunkist, which would be true. I also found it to taste like the flavored syrup they put on snow cones.....even sweeter though.

I go back to the doctor in 4 weeks (at 30 weeks), on Feb. 15, then I start going every 2 weeks!! After 36 weeks, I'll go every week!! Whoa, Nelly! This pregnancy is going by so so fast! I know Hudson will seriously be here before we know it and I'm trying to enjoy the last weeks of being pregnant, and of Joseph and I being just Joseph and I! We are also going to do our 4D ultrasound at our 30 week appointment and I'm so excited about that! I am so thankful for how easy this pregnancy has been and that God has kept Hudson and me both healthy and safe thus far. I know it's not over yet, but I just feel blessed beyond measure. I can't wait to meet our sweet little blessing for the first time.

ALSO: You may have noticed the little graphic at the top of my blog that says "Vote For Us". I joined Top Mommy Blogs and added my blog to their list. Right now it is ranked #406. It started out at around 976, so it's made several nice jumps! If you feel so inclined, please click the button and vote for my blog. It's all just for fun and I thought it'd be cool to join. :-) I think you can vote once per day, so you can keep that in mind too. ;) Thanks y'all!!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

26 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 26 Weeks! We are 98 days away from our due date!! Wha?? And this is the last week in the 2nd trimester!! Double WHA??
Size of baby: Around 15 inches long, the length of a cucumber. Weighs about 2.2 lbs!
Total Weight Gain: About 16 pounds. I go to the doctor tomorrow so hopefully there's not much change. :-)
Maternity Clothes: Pants! I've had to get some shirts, mostly for length.
Stretch Marks: No. But I am starting to get "the line" down my belly.
Belly button in or out: Still in, but it's getting more shallow.
Gender: BOY! Hudson Thomas Puckett :)
Movement: Yes! I feel him every day...some days more than others. He threw a big party in my belly all day yesterday! He kicked Joseph real good last night too! HA!! I think it scared Joseph a little bit. ;)
Food Cravings/Aversions: I like food! I am still loving that Raspberry Lemonade, and I like milk and water. I could go for some Japanese food, too. HA!
What I miss: Sleeping on my back, and being able to breathe through my nose.
Sleep: Sleep has been OK...just can't get enough of it!
Symptoms: Tiredness, backaches, nasal congestion, a couple Braxton Hicks, and a few things I'll spare you! ;)
Best Moment this week: We went to BRU (that's Babies R' Us) to check out the things I put on our registry. It was oh so much fun! I could stay in there all day long. I was very pleased with the things I added. I have my monthly appointment tomorrow includes the lovely glucose test! I am not looking forward to all. I am hoping and praying I pass the one hour test tomorrow. If not, I'll go back for the big 3 hour test. Boo! We're planning on having our 4D ultrasound in about 4 weeks. I can't wait for that!! I want to see what little Hudson looks like!! :-)

I thought it'd be fun to compare a few bump photos over the last 22 weeks. (the first was taken at 4 weeks)
Things have definitely changed! And I still have 14 weeks of change to go!
Here it is at 4 weeks

13 weeks

18 weeks

22 weeks

26 weeks
I'm anxious to see what the 40 week picture looks like. (not that I want to find out...Hudson can come any time after 37 weeks, when I'll be full-term, if he wants!) :-)

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He was an inspiring man, and I think we can all agree on matter what beliefs or feelings you may have.

I hope y'all have a wonderful day, and a great week!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Walking Through The Park and Reminiscing"

Little River Band, anyone?.....Bueller?........Anyway......I have been cleaning out and organizing closets around the house....which is just such a fun job by the way. **rolls eyes**
No really, it's not that bad. I'd honestly rather do that than Swiffer my kitchen floor!! (I despise Swiffering my ceramic tile) So...back to the point. I have organized the entry-way closet, the hallway closet, and Hudson's closet (as much as I can so far). I am so glad it's done and they look so much better and make more sense now. The entry-way closet now has the vacuum, Swiffers, places for coats, and tubs for the dogs' leashes/collars, Swiffer pads, and gloves. It's nice and neat in there was a disaster zone filled with old leashes and collars, toys, and other random things that somehow got thrown in the floor. The hallway closet (which is outside the guest bathroom) now has extra towels, Kleenex, toilet tissue, light bulbs, and a few other things...heating pad, a small handy toolbox with essentials in it, etc. Yesterday I tackled the guest room closet and the small closet in our bedroom...we have a large walk-in closet and a smaller one. You can guess who uses the large one. ;) Joseph has used the guest room as his "getting ready room" for years...his choice!! :-) All of his clothes were in the closet and the dresser drawers, but we know we'll start having some overnight guests after Hudson is born (My mom is planning on spending a few nights down here), so we want them to have plenty of room to put their clothes, bags, etc. Our guest room closet had also accumulated a little junk too, so we went through it and got rid of some stuff. It now contains extra sheets, pillows, etc. for guests, our luggage(which was in the small bedroom closet), and a few little things. This closet is really wide (probably 10 feet or more, seriously) and somewhat deep so there's plenty of room left with our luggage pushed all the way to the left and a few items pushed all the way to the right. Our guests will have plenty of room for their things. I think I may get a full-length mirror to hang on the door. I know I like to have a mirror to put on makeup and check out my outfit. The small closet in our bedroom....Joseph's new now exclusively that. We transferred all of his clothes and shoes over to it and he still has lots of room. I think this setup will be a lot better for us now.

You're probably thinking, "What does the title have anything to do with this?" Well, during my clean-out of the closet in our bedroom, I found this....

My mom had my wedding dress cleaned and preserved for me after the wedding. I knew it was in there...I saw the box the other day, but I hadn't taken it out to look at it in forever!!! I want so bad to take it out and try it on (even though it would come far from fitting right now. HA!), but I know I can't. Maybe I'll have a daughter who will want to wear it one day. :-)

I had a few moments of reminiscing as I was looking at it yesterday.
I'll let these photos speak for themselves.

OK, I said I'd let them speak for themselves...but this picture makes me look like I have the most abnormally long, monkey arms!! HAHA!

We're just about done getting the house where we want it to be by the time Hudson gets here (in a little over 3 months!!). I definitely want to start off with a baby on the right foot...I know if we don't start off with things organized, they'll never get organized! HA!

Happy Thursday everyone! (Sorry for the rambling!) :-)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, er, I mean, Ice Day

We stayed home yesterday, like pretty much the rest of the state, due to a snow ice storm. While my parents, in Gadsden, got around 7 inches of snow, we got a whopping ZERO, ZIP, ZIPOLAH!! Instead, we got a whole bunch of sleet. Sleet is NO. FUN. It started on Sunday around 2:30, tiny little pieces of sleet kept coming down. Our patio was quickly covered with it. (I will say we did get some nice snowfall for all of 3 minutes before the sleet came along.) We woke up yesterday morning and I looked out the bedroom window to see if we had any white stuff on the ground (negative). The first thing I noticed (after seeing we had no snow) was our retractable awning over our patio that we had forgotten to close the day before. Geniuses! So, you can only imagine what happened after hours and hours and hours of sleet falling on top of it. It was hanging really low! We were afraid it was going to break and cause damage to the house. I came into the living room to look at it from another was absolutely covered with ice! The hardest ice ever! We tried to just knock it off with the end of the Swiffer floor duster....yeah, Joseph filled a huge pot with hot water and splashed it on the awning a couple of times. Immediately a huge sheet of it slid off and onto the ground. Boy did the dogs like that!! Well, the hot water loosened it enough so we could go underneath the awning and poke around and knock the ice off...huge sheets kept falling off one after another.
When it was all said and done, this is what was removed from the awning...
It doesn't look like much because I'm so far away from it, but there was so much ice! The dogs had such a great time playing in it. Bryant liked eating it and would catch it in his mouth when I tossed little pieces. Marley liked running and digging in it, which made Bryant mad because she was messing up his ice! HA!

We thought it'd be fun to have a little s'mores-fest in our living room last night. We started a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed some treats!

Our fire got a little wimpy.

The marshmallow is on fire! HA!
Still made for a tasty s'more!

What did you do on your snow (or ice) day? And if you're still enjoying another snow day or two, what are you doing to keep yourself from going crazy in your house? ;-)

I'm definitely ready for some warm weather and sunshine after all of this!! :)