Thursday, January 27, 2011

Survey Says.......

I PASSED my glucose test!! Got the call around 9:30 this morning and could not be more relieved! I was seriously stressing about it, although women all over the world deal with it during pregnancy, and millions of people live with diabetes (my mother and grandfather included) every day of their lives. With my family history, I could have easily developed it, but was blessed to avoid it this time around. It's about more than having to cut out bad foods...I'll do that in a heartbeat if I need to. It's about Hudson and I being as healthy as possible. That's the most important thing!(him more than me, but if I'm not healthy, he's not healthy)

I just wanted to share the good news, although most of you've seen it on Facebook. :-) My mom and I had a great day yesterday. We did some good shopping (she's way too good to me) and enjoyed our time together very much. The time spent together is what it's all about, especially as we savor these last few months as just me and her. We'll have a shopping buddy with us come April! ;) Most of our shopping was for him anyway and he's not even here yet! HA! He got some really cute outfits, including the shoes and onesie I posted last night. I couldn't pass up that onesie. With his daddy being the social media guru he is, especially Facebook, I thought it was just meant to be! He also got a few other things that he will love (and his mommy will too!). We also set out to look for a cute dress to wear to my shower in March...a little early, yes, but y'all know me. I don't wait to the last minute...or month for that matter! HA! We checked out Motherhood Maternity in the Galleria (first time I've been there in at least a year or more). I avoid the Galleria as much as possible. I'm just not a fan. I tried on a few dresses and found the one I probably want to wear, but they didn't have my size. The lady was nice enough to call the store at Brookwood (just down the road..kinda) and she found out they have it. So they put it on hold and hopefully I'll make it there this evening. I'll post a picture of it as soon as I know it's THE dress. :-) I also got this cute dress.....
And I wanted to get a picture that I didn't take of myself. So I thought I'd show you the bump, as well as the dress. :) It's very comfy! You can't tell, but the bottom half is a black/dark gray houndstooth. Being an Alabama fan, I LOVE me some houndstooth! The boots look brown but they're actually more gray too.

I hope all of you are having a great Thursday so far. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday. It seems like the weeks are flying by! I don't know how I feel about this. ;) Y'all have a good day and enjoy the beautiful weather. It's sunny and the high is in the mid-50s here today! It's getting up to the mid-60s Saturday! Lovin' that!


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