Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, er, I mean, Ice Day

We stayed home yesterday, like pretty much the rest of the state, due to a snow ice storm. While my parents, in Gadsden, got around 7 inches of snow, we got a whopping ZERO, ZIP, ZIPOLAH!! Instead, we got a whole bunch of sleet. Sleet is NO. FUN. It started on Sunday around 2:30, tiny little pieces of sleet kept coming down. Our patio was quickly covered with it. (I will say we did get some nice snowfall for all of 3 minutes before the sleet came along.) We woke up yesterday morning and I looked out the bedroom window to see if we had any white stuff on the ground (negative). The first thing I noticed (after seeing we had no snow) was our retractable awning over our patio that we had forgotten to close the day before. Geniuses! So, you can only imagine what happened after hours and hours and hours of sleet falling on top of it. It was hanging really low! We were afraid it was going to break and cause damage to the house. I came into the living room to look at it from another angle....it was absolutely covered with ice! The hardest ice ever! We tried to just knock it off with the end of the Swiffer floor duster....yeah, right....so Joseph filled a huge pot with hot water and splashed it on the awning a couple of times. Immediately a huge sheet of it slid off and onto the ground. Boy did the dogs like that!! Well, the hot water loosened it enough so we could go underneath the awning and poke around and knock the ice off...huge sheets kept falling off one after another.
When it was all said and done, this is what was removed from the awning...
It doesn't look like much because I'm so far away from it, but there was so much ice! The dogs had such a great time playing in it. Bryant liked eating it and would catch it in his mouth when I tossed little pieces. Marley liked running and digging in it, which made Bryant mad because she was messing up his ice! HA!

We thought it'd be fun to have a little s'mores-fest in our living room last night. We started a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed some treats!

Our fire got a little wimpy.

The marshmallow is on fire! HA!
Still made for a tasty s'more!

What did you do on your snow (or ice) day? And if you're still enjoying another snow day or two, what are you doing to keep yourself from going crazy in your house? ;-)

I'm definitely ready for some warm weather and sunshine after all of this!! :)


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