Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunkist on Steroids....

Well, I had my monthly appointment this morning. The doctor was very pleased with everything! My weight gain is great (if you say so!)...looks like I've gained about 3 pounds since my last visit (you should gain about a pound a week), Hudson's heartbeat was great, at 140, and my blood pressure and everything else looks great too. I'm measuring right on track too! The uterus is about the size of a basketball at this point! WOW!

The biggest part of today's appointment was the glucose test. I was absolutely dreading it! I sat in the chair and the nurse gave me this styrofoam cup full of this orange liquid (that looks just like Sunkist) to drink.

At first I thought, "Oh, this isn't so bad." After a bigger second sip, I was ready to spit it out! It was the sweetest thing I have ever tasted! I don't even want to know much sugar is in there! In case you're not familiar with the glucose screening test, it evaluates how your body processes sugar. A high level in your blood may indicate that your body is not processing sugar effectively (positive test). If the results of this screen are positive, you'll need to have the big, 3 hour glucose tolerance test performed. A lot of women fail the first test and end up passing the second one and do not develop gestational diabetes. If you do have GD, you have to stick to a specific diet that pretty much eliminates all sugar, a lot of fat, etc. I didn't feel so hot after drinking it....an extremely sugary drink at 8:30 in the morning, on an empty stomach (per instructed), then blood drawn an hour later (while I'm starving to death) = not fun! BUT it's just part of the journey of pregnancy. I go to a satellite office near my house for my appointments, so I don't have to drive downtown every time, and since they don't have the equipment to run the test, I won't find out my results until tomorrow or possibly Thursday. The nurse told me that no news is good news. They will only call me if I failed and I need to come in for the 3 hour test. I hate that! I always worry that they forgot about me, and that I should've gotten a call, but didn't. Silly...I know!! I wish they'd call and let you know either way.
Well, here's hoping for NO phone call!! :)
Oh, and if you're wondering what the drink tastes like, a lot of people say it tastes like a really sweet Sunkist, which would be true. I also found it to taste like the flavored syrup they put on snow cones.....even sweeter though.

I go back to the doctor in 4 weeks (at 30 weeks), on Feb. 15, then I start going every 2 weeks!! After 36 weeks, I'll go every week!! Whoa, Nelly! This pregnancy is going by so so fast! I know Hudson will seriously be here before we know it and I'm trying to enjoy the last weeks of being pregnant, and of Joseph and I being just Joseph and I! We are also going to do our 4D ultrasound at our 30 week appointment and I'm so excited about that! I am so thankful for how easy this pregnancy has been and that God has kept Hudson and me both healthy and safe thus far. I know it's not over yet, but I just feel blessed beyond measure. I can't wait to meet our sweet little blessing for the first time.

ALSO: You may have noticed the little graphic at the top of my blog that says "Vote For Us". I joined Top Mommy Blogs and added my blog to their list. Right now it is ranked #406. It started out at around 976, so it's made several nice jumps! If you feel so inclined, please click the button and vote for my blog. It's all just for fun and I thought it'd be cool to join. :-) I think you can vote once per day, so you can keep that in mind too. ;) Thanks y'all!!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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