Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Walking Through The Park and Reminiscing"

Little River Band, anyone?.....Bueller?........Anyway......I have been cleaning out and organizing closets around the house....which is just such a fun job by the way. **rolls eyes**
No really, it's not that bad. I'd honestly rather do that than Swiffer my kitchen floor!! (I despise Swiffering my ceramic tile) So...back to the point. I have organized the entry-way closet, the hallway closet, and Hudson's closet (as much as I can so far). I am so glad it's done and they look so much better and make more sense now. The entry-way closet now has the vacuum, Swiffers, places for coats, and tubs for the dogs' leashes/collars, Swiffer pads, and gloves. It's nice and neat in there was a disaster zone filled with old leashes and collars, toys, and other random things that somehow got thrown in the floor. The hallway closet (which is outside the guest bathroom) now has extra towels, Kleenex, toilet tissue, light bulbs, and a few other things...heating pad, a small handy toolbox with essentials in it, etc. Yesterday I tackled the guest room closet and the small closet in our bedroom...we have a large walk-in closet and a smaller one. You can guess who uses the large one. ;) Joseph has used the guest room as his "getting ready room" for years...his choice!! :-) All of his clothes were in the closet and the dresser drawers, but we know we'll start having some overnight guests after Hudson is born (My mom is planning on spending a few nights down here), so we want them to have plenty of room to put their clothes, bags, etc. Our guest room closet had also accumulated a little junk too, so we went through it and got rid of some stuff. It now contains extra sheets, pillows, etc. for guests, our luggage(which was in the small bedroom closet), and a few little things. This closet is really wide (probably 10 feet or more, seriously) and somewhat deep so there's plenty of room left with our luggage pushed all the way to the left and a few items pushed all the way to the right. Our guests will have plenty of room for their things. I think I may get a full-length mirror to hang on the door. I know I like to have a mirror to put on makeup and check out my outfit. The small closet in our bedroom....Joseph's new now exclusively that. We transferred all of his clothes and shoes over to it and he still has lots of room. I think this setup will be a lot better for us now.

You're probably thinking, "What does the title have anything to do with this?" Well, during my clean-out of the closet in our bedroom, I found this....

My mom had my wedding dress cleaned and preserved for me after the wedding. I knew it was in there...I saw the box the other day, but I hadn't taken it out to look at it in forever!!! I want so bad to take it out and try it on (even though it would come far from fitting right now. HA!), but I know I can't. Maybe I'll have a daughter who will want to wear it one day. :-)

I had a few moments of reminiscing as I was looking at it yesterday.
I'll let these photos speak for themselves.

OK, I said I'd let them speak for themselves...but this picture makes me look like I have the most abnormally long, monkey arms!! HAHA!

We're just about done getting the house where we want it to be by the time Hudson gets here (in a little over 3 months!!). I definitely want to start off with a baby on the right foot...I know if we don't start off with things organized, they'll never get organized! HA!

Happy Thursday everyone! (Sorry for the rambling!) :-)


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