Wednesday, January 05, 2011

You Know You're Pregnant When.....

If you saw my Facebook status today, you know it's been one of "those" days for this pregnant girl. It prompted me to do this blog post. It's given me some laughs and I'm sure it will you too. I can totally relate to some of these....some of these have happened to me...and some of these I just thought of or found online.


You know you're pregnant when:

You suddenly understand why your mom always said "after all I've done for you..."

Every commercial on TV either makes you sad or hungry.

You feel like you want to eat someone's head one minute then cry because you are feeling particularly lonely the next.

The thought of a particular food makes you hungry and nauseous at the same time.

Aside from home and work, the place you spend most of your time is the doctors office.

You have a near meltdown when you ask for ranch dressing with your salad and they bring you honey mustard.

You are happy to be able to get through your entire dinner without gagging!

You're so moody your dogs run and hide.

You crave everything you see on TV...unless that thing is a McRib. *gag*

You get a full 8 hours of sleep (or more) every night and you're still exhausted.

You eat a dinner that consists of California Rolls and a few Zaxby's chicken fingers and cole slaw and it was the best dinner you've ever had.

You refrain from drinking beverages at least an hour before you go to a movie, because you know you'll be up in the middle of the movie if you do.

You love stretchy pants like never before.

You drop something on the floor and wonder to yourself how much you really need it anyway.

For once in your life you actually want to have a belly, and you're anxiously awaiting for it to "pop" any time now, and you wear fitted shirts to make it more obvious that you're pregnant and not just getting fat!

You have been using the "I'm pregnant" excuse since the day you found out you're pregnant.

It takes you an hour to type a two-line email because you can't remember what you were emailing about.

You write everything on a post-it note...and then lose the post-it notes.

You down about 4 pickles while standing at the fridge.

You have a meltdown when you run out of pickles!

You have a snack and some water on your nightstand every night for when you wake up hungry.

You dread sneezing because you know it may cause pain...among other things! ;)

All you want to eat is carbs.

You are normally impeccable with spelling and grammar, but find yourself misspelling even the simplest things.

You find the baby section of Target exciting and could stay there for about 3 hours.

You would literally do anything for a Krispy Kreme doughnut....anything....

You now want a Krispy Kreme doughnut....

You go into the baby's room at least once a day just to look at it one more time!

You know there are so many other things I could put...some of which aren't things you'd want to share! HA!

I hope this gave y'all a few laughs....I'd love to hear your own if you have some to add to mine!!
Happy Hump Day!


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