Monday, April 30, 2012

The B-I-L's Wedding Shower

As you can see, I haven't made blogging a priority the past week or so. My bad. I've been enjoying the beautiful weather, along with my beautiful 1 year old son and amazing husband! Sometimes you just have to enjoy life, or it will pass you by. 

SOOOOOO....I thought I'd take some time to share some pictures from the wedding shower I put together for my brother-in-law and his future bride! We had it in Gadsden on the 14th and it went wonderfully! The weather was perfect and it made for a great day! 

I fell in love with this invitation and designed the shower around it. It came from Etsy, and it was sent as a digital file, that way I could print off as many as I needed. I had them printed at a local shop and saved a LOT of money that way!

Their wedding colors are malibu blue and white, so I decided to use blue for the shower. Instead of trying to match everything to the same shade of blue(which would be near impossible), I opted to use a few different shades of blue. It worked out well.

This table greeted guests as they came in.

With a jar of "Secrets to a Happy Marriage" for the couple. Guests added them as they arrived.

These fudge covered pretzels were so good! My mom dipped them in blue melted chips so they'd go with the color scheme. :)

Yummy chicken salad croissants. A must have!

You have to have a little salty, with some mixed nuts.

The spread. We also had cheese/crackers and fruit.

The cake was inspired by the invitation.
Blueberry Lemonade
Lemon Water

Ladies chattin' it up.

The couple at the candy buffet table.

The candy buffet. Guests were able to take some tasty treats home!
The precious couple.
I'm gaining a wonderful new sister-in-law in a few weeks!
They just look so good together!
Kerrie had to have a last-minute wisdom tooth extraction the day before and was not feeling too well. She was a trooper and braved a smile the whole time!! (thank goodness for drugs, HA!)
Sweet hostesses, Christie, and my SIL (Adam's sister) Melissa. They were a great help!
My amazing parents! My mom did SO much to help with the shower and it wouldn't have come together without help from the both! Thank you SO MUCH!!
Showing off his walking skills after a nap.
Enjoying a tasty snack with Grammy Puckett.
Gift time!
The got some great gifts!
Hanging out with Poppy Puckett.
Adam reading a sweet note from his sister.

The shower came together beautifully, thanks to my mom & dad, Christie, & Melissa. I am so excited for Adam & Kerrie's big day in less than 3 weeks!!! It's going to be beautiful and I'm so glad they found each other. They are PERFECT together! I love you both!!

Oh, and a little weight-loss update: I've now hit my original goal of 30 pounds, and then some. (well, only like 1-2 pounds some, but still) I'm looking to lose at least 8-9 more pounds. I've dropped about 2-3 dress sizes and things are becoming too big!!! Hooray! I'll try to do a photo update in the next few days.

Hope y'all have a fantastic week!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Partyin' It Up, Sock Monkey Style

We had Hudson's birthday party Saturday at my parents' house and it was fantastic! I am so thankful to all of our family and friends who came out to help us celebrate! Here are (a ridiculous amount of) pictures from the big day.....

I got SO busy putting things together beforehand that once everything was in place I totally forgot to take pictures of the completed project! UGH!

I took this picture before reattaching poor monkey's arm...notice it's hanging a little low. I had to wet it and put it back on. :)

The cupcake tower! I got all of the cute toppers, wrappers, banners, food labels, welcome sign, and invitation from Etsy. (they were digital files and I had to put everything together) His outfits also came from Etsy.

The cookie favors. They were made to go with his cake. The blocks also came from Etsy. :)

This amazing smash cake came from Mad Hatter Cakes in Jacksonville. They did a fabulous job with it, as well as the cookies, and special cupcakes.

Birthday boy already yawning.

Cousins Crystal & Logan. He is 5 weeks younger than Hudson, so his 1st birthday is right around the corner!
(Also notice the banner behind her had all of his monthly pictures on it. Didn't get a picture of it, but it was too cute!)

Hudson loves Chick-Fil-A, even though he usually gets the grilled nuggets. :)

PB & Banana

Banana Puddin'

Crystal's other boy, Garrett. He just turned 3 and is so good with Hudson! And Hudson loved him!

Outfit change! Our smash cake outfit. Everyone died laughing! He loved every minute of it.

Love the look on his face.


I love this sweet boy!

And here comes the silliness.....

Hat's on one minute.....

Off the next!

Like I said...silliness.

Present time! He got so many wonderful gifts!!

Garrett was a great helper!

He loves his piano. He has to learn to play like mommy. (mommy needs to start playing again!)

Some party guests (and the only picture my Uncle and Dad are in! Dad's on the right.)

Checking out his sock monkey towel.

Hard to believe this big boy is 1!

Love him!

I am so upset that I didn't get pictures of everything all set up. We had a candy buffet/beverage table that was too cute. We had various brown/red/white candies to go with the color scheme, as well as "monkey juice", glass bottled cokes, and adorable personalized wrapped bottled water. It all looked so amazing (thanks to my awesome parents) and I wish I had managed time better so I could have taken more pictures of it all. I know for next time. The party turned out just as I envisioned it and it couldn't have come together without my mom and dad. I can't thank you enough for all you did!!!

It was an amazing party and I am SO grateful to everyone who came and showed their love for our boy. We truly appreciate you more than you know and are so thankful for you all.