Sunday, April 22, 2012

"You Say It's Your Birthday"

On Hudson's birthday morning, we tried to make it a little special, without going overboard. After all, he is just 1 and doesn't know the difference. I made some special birthday muffins (most of them wound up in Daddy's tummy, of course), hung up some balloons, and had him a party hat to wear. He loved it, and it was as special for us as it was for him.

Nothing like being bombarded right after you wake up. ;-)


"Lemme touch it."

"Happy Birthday To You...."

Dove into his birthday muffin!

And then immediately regretted his decision....

Mmmm, nevermind, it's delicious!

"Want a bite?"

Happy boy!

It was a special way to recognize his birthday, but low-key enough that it didn't require too much effort. ('cause Momma's effort meter is pretty low after the last couple weeks) ;) I have party pictures ready and will try to do a post later today. If not, it will be tomorrow for sure!


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