Monday, April 02, 2012

The Latest....

Yep, this is one of those "let me catch up on days of missed blogging" posts. Life has been pretty low-key here lately and there's not too much going on at the moment. (I'm enjoying that while I can because after Easter weekend, life is going to get pretty busy with showers, parties, weddings, etc.)

Here are a few pictures from the last few days.

I got Hudson some Stride Rites since he is (almost) walking full-time now. He hasn't quite figured out how to stand up from the ground on his own, but as soon as he crawls over to a table or....anything really, he's off! He was a little unsure about the things on his feet, but he caught on pretty quickly. They were having a bogo half off sale so of course I got him some that will fit during Summer too! ;-) They're real cute brown sandals. ALL of the cute shoes I wanted were sold out so we had to settle for some that aren't the best colors in the world. (orange & blue) It's OK, though, he rocks 'em.

He wasted no time breaking them in.

Big boy is also doing great with the straw sippy cups. He's now taking his 2nd bottle (of 3) during and after his lunch in a sippy cup! He's also drinking most of the 3rd one with dinner, then finishing it up either just before bath or at bedtime. We're getting there! The difficult one will be the morning one. He counts on that 7 oz bottle first thing every morning and it's going to be hard to make him wait for it a bit and have it with food first thing. I'll start trying that one when he's got these other 2 sippy cups down pat, which he pretty much does.

Who needs toys when you have super awesome milk jugs to play with? Speaking of which, I pumped for (more than likely) the last time this morning. I had been spacing out my pumping sessions more each time and was down to every 48 hours and only got like 3 oz. It ain't worth it to keep going, so I am done. Hudson is on whole milk now and I also have about 30 oz of breast milk in the fridge in the event he wants just a little more milk but doesn't need anymore whole milk. He's been good on about 21 oz of whole milk a day, though, so I probably won't even need it.

It seems like Hudson is more of a big boy every day and I just want to cry about that! We are 18 days away from his 1st birthday and I think I'm starting to mourn the fact that he's not really a baby anymore. It does make me so incredibly proud to see him hit new milestones, but I sure do miss that tiny newborn baby. :(

I hope y'all have a GREAT week!!


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