Monday, January 10, 2011

25 Weeks

I uploaded a real picture....not with the iPhone! HA! Excuse the PJs...we're stuck at home today.
You'll see that most of my answers haven't changed.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 25 Weeks!!!
Size of baby: Around 13 inches long(head to toe). Weighs about 2 lbs! WHOA!!
Total Weight Gain: 16 pounds! I've read that is pretty right on track....just seems like so much to me!!
Maternity Clothes: Pants! I've had to get a few shirts, mostly for length.
Stretch Marks: No. But I am starting to get "the line".
Belly button in or out: Still in, but it's getting more shallow.
Gender: BOY! Hudson Thomas Puckett :)
Movement: I feel him on a daily basis now and love it. He's usually the most active mid-morning and in the evening. Lately he's been waiting to be active when I'm laying down for bed! HA! I've been able to lay there and see my belly move when he kicks. It's wild!
Food Cravings/Aversions: I haven't been craving anything new, or really anything at all for that matter. I just like food! OH wait!!! I was craving some lemonade the other day, which is weird because I'm usually not a huge fan of it..I like it, but never really just want some. I got some Simply Lemonade with Raspberry at the store and it is delish!!! I highly recommend it. :-)
What I miss: Sleeping on my back, being able to breathe through my nose, Caesar salads..silly, I know...due to the raw egg in the dressing, I can't have it!
Sleep: Sleep has been OK...just can't get enough of it! HA!
Symptoms: Tiredness, backaches, nasal congestion, and a few things I'll spare you! ;)
Best Moment this week: Nothing major...just continuing to feel Hudson move around. Joseph felt him pretty good the other night. He kicked him a few times in a row!! HA!

Joseph and I are stuck at home today, as is pretty much the rest of Alabama, due to this "winter storm" we got last night. Our storm consisted of nothing but sleet, sleet, and more sleet!! No fun! I'd much rather have some white stuff to play in (like my parents, who have about 7 inches of it!!) seems we never get the snow here where we are, but that's OK. Maybe one day.....
:-) I hope y'all have a great day, snow or not!


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