Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's The Simple Things.....

Oh, the simple things in life. The simple things always seem to be the best things.
Ya know, like chewing on your hand.....

"SO good. Nom nom nom nom...."

Checking yourself out in mom's phone.

Checking yourself in mom's phone whilst chewing on your hand.

Watching your favorite show.....

Watching your favorite show...you guessed it....whilst chewing on your hand!

And sometimes if mommy takes your hand out of your mouth, she's nice enough to replace it with the paci. (Then you spit the paci out when she's not looking and shove your hand back in your mouth!)

It's not all about the hand though.

The spinning thing up there is pretty cool too......

And so is this daddy character!

The simple things really are the best!


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