Monday, July 11, 2011

The Eyebrows

Hudson has very expressive eyes and eyebrows. If you want to know what he's thinking, just look at his eyes, which are now a greenish-brown by the way.

For example, these eyebrows say "I'm content and proud of myself for sitting like a big boy in my Bumbo!"

"What you're saying is very interesting. You have my attention."

"Whoa, you snuck up on me!"

"This is tough...." This look can also mean, "I'm confused..."

"Can I sit down now?"...This would also be the look for "Do I HAVE to take a bath?"

"If you only knew what I was doing right now!"


"Mom, are you listening to me?"

"We're going to Gigi's Cupcakes?!?!!!!" (HA!)

I love this little guy so much, and his cute little facial expressions! What a blessing he is to us!


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