Monday, July 18, 2011

A Veggie Tales Lovin' Drool Monster.......

That's what Hudson is. He loves looking at our computers, the TV, anything with light. But we played some Veggie Tales on Joseph's iPad the other night and Hudson loved it. He tried singing along with the song. (He does this when someone sings to him too!) ;) He loved it so much that he would cry when Joseph stopped it and put it away. No joke! It probably had to do with the fact that he was tired too, but the timing was perfect. HA! Today I played my all-time favorite Veggie Tales song, "The Hairbrush".

"Oh this looks interesting...."

"I think I like it...."

"This is funny!!"

He got so excited!

Trying to sneak in a bite of a hand while he's watching Veggie Tales with Mommy. :)


He was an absolute drooling fool while we were watching (Exhibit A: his soaked sleeper, and he looks like he's ready to fight mommy for taking his hand out of his mouth and replacing it with the paci! HA!) and I'm pretty sure teething is in our near future. The pediatrician said that he'd be drooling like crazy at his 4 month appointment. Well, he's drooling like crazy at 3 months. I'm probably going to have to start keeping a bib permanently attached to him. :) Teething terrifies me because I have heard many horror stories. I'm hoping he handles it OK and with teething rings and some Tylenol he'll make it just fine. We shall see soon enough I guess!

Obviously my blog streak ended. I didn't have anything to blog about over the weekend and I try to reserve weekends for spending time with my boys anyway. ;) I hope y'all had a great weekend and you have a wonderful week ahead!


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