Monday, August 12, 2013


Whew, it's been a hot minute since I've posted, huh?? Oops. 
Well, I can assure you I'm still here....still pregnant(33 weeks tomorrow!!), still tired, still chasing around a very busy "Wagon Wheel"(known to my child as "Nock Me") crazed 2 year old, while trying to get ready for two newborns. 
Things are interesting around here, and they're only going to get more interesting. 
I think we'll need our own TV show before too long. I mean, everyone else has one so why not??

Here's what the last several days have been like around here.....

I've been working in the twins' room a good bit when I can. 
You can see why I don't always get a lot done.
At least he's cute.

Playing "Nock Me"(AKA: "Rock Me", AKA: "Wagon Wheel") on his Bubble Guppies momma's shoes. 

We had a pool day Thursday and Hudson was lucky enough to be the only dude there. 
He's pretty good at picking up chicks. Is that good or bad? Yikes!

Sometimes we take a break from our role as guitarist and sing vocals. Oh, and we use our maraca as a microphone. I think someone needs a mic/stand for Christmas.
And yes....daddy joined in on background vocals. Y'all. The people I live with are crazy.

Which is why things like this happen.....

I managed to get one wall project up in the twins' room. I'm pretty proud of it. We got the other (more complicated) one done last night but I'll wait and share pictures of it when I share it all...hopefully at the end of this week or beginning of next week.

Working on projects makes one pretty tired.

We finally got our acts together and repainted the dresser.(nothing like waiting until basically the last minute!) I've been going back and forth about it for a long time now but the very very pale yellow color just was not growing on me at all. We picked a shade that's exactly what I've been envisioning and it looks SO good, y'all! 
Don't worry. We had both windows wide open, the fan on, and the bedroom door open. This girl didn't breathe in crazy paint fumes!
It's hard to tell in these pics what the true color is. I'll wait and reveal that later when it's all done. 
It still needs some polyurethane. 

The detailed drawers are fabulous.....until you're having to paint them. 

I'm going to see if I can get away with just applying polyurethane to the top, and maybe the drawers. They'll be the most used areas anyway. Momma's just ready to be done, but it also needs to be done right!

Things are SO close to being done in their room. Bedding should here in no more than a week, my mom is making their curtains(because she's awesome!!! Thanks mom!) and I've got a couple more things coming to go on the walls over their cribs. Eeekkk! Cutting it down to the wire, but it's all on its way.

Was your weekend as exciting as ours?? ;-)


  1. looks like you had a fun weekend! I hope you have a great week!

  2. sounds like you are busy!!! so much excitement going on!

  3. Love that dresser! Can't wait to see the babies room!!


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