Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Twins Tuesday - 35 Weeks

How Far Along? 35 Weeks. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I really don't know, and I have no desire to know!

Genders: BOY AND A GIRL!!! Grayson Wells and Raegan Elise!

Maternity Clothes? Yep!! With the exception of a few things at home and some maxi dresses, I'm in maternity everything. Shoot, I'm barely holding on to a lot of my maternity clothes. Shirts are getting too short!

Stretch Marks? No. Thanking the good genes for that one. 

Sleep: Sleep is OK. I get up to pee like clockwork every few hours and can pretty much just sleep on my left side. Both babies' feet are on my right side and every time I try to sleep on that side, they remind me that they're there! HA!!

Movement: Yes. Anywhere and everywhere, especially from baby girl. She likes to assault my ribs.

Food Cravings: The sweet tooth has been in overdrive the last several weeks. I try to eat fruit, some yogurt, or even a little cereal when I want something sweet, but I won't lie and say I don't give in to the occasional donut or cookie. I start and end almost every day with a cup of OJ.

Food Aversions: If I get a whiff of something less than appetizing in the morning, that'll get me to gagging.

Labor Signs: I still have small contractions multiple times a day(nothing regular), occasional pressure, and am dilated to a 4(as of Thursday, anyway). I go to the doctor tomorrow so we'll see if there's been any change. I'm basically on bedrest so hopefully that has helped slow things down a bit.

Symptoms: Getting tired out quickly, acid reflux(yikes!), shortness of breath, frequent potty breaks, contractions, and exhaustion.

Belly Button In or Out? Very much OUT!

Wedding Rings On or Off? On

Miss Anything? Yes, but I'm trying really hard to cherish these last moments of pregnancy while I can. Some days that's easier said than done. :)

Best Moment This Week: Being able to come home from the hospital, after things calmed down and stopped progressing. I really thought I was going to have these babies last week, but am thankful they decided to hold off a little longer...and thankful I got at least one more weekend with my boys. Our main concern about them coming too early is that they will need to stay in NICU. A NICU nurse came to talk with us in the hospital last week and pretty much just scared us to death. I know it's her job to warn us of the worst-case scenarios, and well...she succeeded. We're hopeful that when they do come they will be healthy and ready for the outside world so that very little or NO time in NICU is needed!

Looking Forward To: I'm really anxious for my appointment Wednesday. As we've found, things can change so quickly and I'm curious to see if these daily contractions I'm having are causing me to dilate anymore. It's kind of scary to know you're just walking around(or bed resting, whatever) at a 4!! At least we're ready if these babies DO decide to come in the next week or so. Bags are packed, room is ready (enough), and after our close call last week, we are more mentally prepared for this thing to actually happen.
We are ready to meet our new little loves, but want THEM to be ready too!

I'll be here resting until then.
P.S. I NEED outta this house!!!! :)


  1. Time is getting so close. I walked around at a 4 for a good while, until 38 1/2 weeks when they finally induced. It went quick at that point. Thinking of you :)

  2. Oh my gosh, you are so adorable!

  3. well SOMEONE swallowed a watermelon! lol juuust kidding. ;) I cannot believe how fast this has gone by! You look wonderful and when God says the time is right, those babies will be here. Can't wait to hear about your doctors appt!

  4. Congrats on your TWINS, so super exciting!!


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