Friday, February 24, 2012

Progress Pictures

I am down almost 23 pounds now, 7 away from my original goal! Like I said earlier, I'd like to lose another 5-10 after that, but I'll be happy with just the 7. The weight loss has slowed a bit, as it typically does after the first 10-20 pounds, but I'm still steadily losing. Going to New Orleans and eating deliciously sinful food didn't help either, but I've been back on track since we got home! Anyway, here are a couple of new pics compared to the ones I took a few weeks ago. (The new ones are on the bottom of each set) You can't tell a huge difference, but can definitely see some inches lost.

Oh, and those are size 6 jeans I'm wearing, BTW. My size 6 pants are fitting and that's an amazing feeling!! I have a pair of size 4 jeans that I haven't been able to wear in a few years and they're hanging up in my closet to motivate me every day!!
Y'all have a wonderful weekend!! :-)


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