Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Big Boy

Saturday, we bought Hudson a big boy carseat (it actually goes from newborn to 100 lbs, but still, it's bigger than his little Chicco carseat that he was about to be too big for...it goes to 22 lbs). We tested it out yesterday and headed to BB&B for a few things. He loved it and looked like such a big boy in it!! It doesn't recline quite as much as the other one sits and he loved being able to sit more upright. He was always trying to sit up in the other one. ;) I can't believe he's almost old enough to sit forward-facing like a big kid!! :( I can't decide if I want to keep him rear-facing for a while longer or not....we'll just have to see. I figure by his birthday he'll be at least 22 lbs, but I know it's safer to keep them rear-facing as long as possible.

We went to BB&B(which he LOVED by the way!) for a few small kitchen things, but I ran across this....
and I just had to get it! I tried it last night, with skim milk instead of any flavored creamer and it was delish!! It tastes like a chocolate donut in a cup! You could make it really sinful with some whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top. :-)


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