Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bananas for....a banana?

Hudson loves feeding himself, and I let him do so with pretty much everything....except for his pureed food (which he doesn't have too much of these days anyway) because that would make me crazy. :-) He LOVES fruit, especially grapes. Seriously, the boy would live off of grapes, cheese, and turkey if I let him. Mostly the grapes, though. He may turn into one before long. ;) He also likes to feed himself watermelon, chicken, green beans, corn, pasta, hamburger meat, potatoes, CARROTS, and all kinds of other things...all of which are cut up small for him to eat easily. He likes his pureed bananas, but has never really cared for actual bananas...mushed, diced, you name it, he wouldn't eat it. Well, today I gave him about half of a small banana and let him hold it and nibble on it. He LOVED it that way!! Kept taking big bites off of it and gobbled it up...until it got really slippery and gross. Gag! But, I've now discovered how to get him to eat bananas. And I think in the past I've given him pieces of really ripe banana. Today's banana was still a tiny bit green at the top, just the way I like mine! He's a smart boy. ;) At least I know he likes it, he just didn't like the tiny pieces squishing in his finger, evidently...or the really ripe flavor. They're not the easiest things to pick up, either. :-)

He had his banana with his pancake this morning.

Happy Thursday!! :)


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