Friday, March 23, 2012

"My Future's So Bright.....

I gotta wear shades!" (I know, I said I'd try to stop wtih the song lyrics.....I'm an imperfect person.)

We played around a little bit at Party City today. Hudson really liked all the cool things there. ;-)

And this big boy figured out how to use a straw! We ate some Chick-fil-A for lunch and he LOVED it! He had some of the kids' grilled nuggets(which are really good, BTW) and thought they were tasty! He also loved the fruit in the fruit cup, of course. I let him try a sip of my Diet Lemonade and he just kinda held his mouth there like he didn't know what to do with the straw. ('cause he didn't, duh!) I showed him ONE TIME how to do it and he watched intently. Well, that's all it took 'cause he was sipping like a pro every time after that. I've decided to get him one of those Nuby sippy cups with the straw in it and I think he'll like that much better than the traditional sippy cup. He just doesn't get that he has to tilt it up, nor do I think he likes to lean his head back so far. Hopefully that will be the one that works for him and we can start weaning from bottles and be a little more independent in that area! ;-)

He has also taken a LOT of steps on his own today and is now doing it without even thinking about it. He'll just be standing at the couch or a table and let go and just go on with little self and make it several feet before he either holds on somewhere else, sits down, or falls to his bottom. It won't be long, folks.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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