Tuesday, March 20, 2012

11 Months!

My precious Hudson, you are 11 months old today!! Just 31 days away from your 1st birthday! It is just inconceivable that you are almost a year old....almost walking....almost a full-on toddler!! You are becoming more independent, self-sufficient, and you really are turning into a little boy. Thankfully, you're still a huge momma's boy and I hope that never changes! You love that daddy of yours too, though, and get so excited when he comes home from work!

Here's what's going with you this month:
  • I'd guess you weigh around 22 lbs.
  • You wear a size 3 diaper and 12-18 months clothes. You're bigger on top than on the bottom.
  • You sleep anywhere from 10-11.5 hours/night. You've been going to bed a little later since the time change, and waking up a little later. Hopefully we'll get back to about 8-7 soon.
  • You eat 3 meals a day, consisting of table foods(except breakfast sometimes), a morning snack (unless your nap lasts longer than normal) and an afternoon snack.
  • You love turkey, cheese, green beans, carrots, chicken (sometimes), Gerber ravioli, FRUIT (esp. watermelon, grapes, mandarin oranges, and peaches), cheerios, puffs, hamburger meat (sometimes).
  • You take 3 bottles of 8oz a day. Since the doc ok'd it, we're transitioning to whole milk and you've done absolutely wonderful with it!! I hope to have you on full-time whole milk in the next couple of weeks (or less). I'm hoping once you're on all whole milk, it'll fill you up more and your daily intake will be down to 20 oz...so momma can stop pumping!!! Until then, I'll keep pumping so you can have those few extra oz a day...and since the limit for whole milk is 20 oz/day, it'll need to be breastmilk.
  • You're getting better at using a sippy cup on your own, but you still like your bottles. You know how to hold your bottle and do it yourself, but won't do it for long...lazy! I'm hoping we can gradually make the switch to the cup soon.
  • You LOVE water!! I give you a little water in your sippy cup every now and then and you would drink, and drink, and drink if I let you! If only you'd learn how to use the dang sippy cup on your own! You know how to hold and drink out of it, it's the turning up of the cup to actually get something out of it we're struggling with. :)
  • You went from having just 2 teeth, to having almost 6!!!(3 all the way in, and 3 more breaking through) Your teeth take FOREVER to come all the way in! When they're all done, you'll have the four front top and two bottom teeth.
  • You usually nap 1.5-2 hours in the morning and afternoon.
  • You crawl just about as fast as I walk, pull up everywhere, stand on your own a lot, take several steps at a time occasionally, get into cabinets, drawers, my jewelry armoire, and anything else you can get into! HA! You just took your first steps a few days ago and have been taking more since. You're getting more confident so maybe you'll be walking by your birthday! You'd still rather crawl at this point.
  • You had your first fever a couple weeks ago. It got up to 102.1 one night, but was gone the next morning. I think it had a lot to do with a few teeth breaking through at the same time, and then I think I discovered you may have an allergy to spinach. You got a rash on your neck and head but nothing else. It went away very quickly. I'm planning on trying some plain spinach at some point to make sure.
  • You love the dogs, especially Bryant. He puts up with your torture...Marley, not so much. ;-)
  • You call me "mama", can identify me in a picture, try to say "dada" but aren't quite there yet, say "oh" and "woah", and "baba" when you see your bottle. You're making more vowel and consonant sounds.
  • You still love to dance...all the time. "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Push It" are your faves.
  • You're a pretty good little problem solver for an 11 month old.
  • Bath time is one of your favorites times. You love playing with your toys...and the faucet! You love water! This Summer should be fun! :)
  • You are a very adaptable baby, but if you go too long without a nap you get in a foul mood!
  • Your favorite toys are your Zebra bike and your move & crawl ball. You've also taken a liking to your musical octopus that also teaches you colors.

You are the light of our lives and we're so proud to be your parents! You continue to bless us each day. You are such a happy boy...pleasant, sweet, and funny! Your laugh is the best sound in the world! We love watching you grow...although we wish it went by a little slower! You are an absolute joy in our lives, Hudson! Momma and Daddy love you with all of our hearts!!


  1. He's growing up so quickly! God bless him and you two!


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