Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Have you noticed I like to use song lyrics as titles? Yes, I realize it's a little annoying...I'll try to stop.

Anyhow....I've done a little revamping to some of our decor since we moved into the new house. I'd grown tired of some things and some rooms needed a fresh new look.

We'll start with the dining room...which I like better in this house because it's open to the living room. Great for entertaining and holidays!

Before: The rug was in our living room (coming up next) but I got a new one for it so I transferred it here until the new one came in....which was yesterday! It was too dark and heavy, and was not the look I wanted.

After: Much more light, neutral, and modern. I went with the 5x8 because I didn't want to cover up all of the wood floor, but an 8x10 probably would have looked better. I still love the way it updates the room, though! If we weren't renting, I'd be changing up that light fixture, too. :/
Oh, I also ordered a matching runner for the entryway but it's on back-order. I got them from Ballard Designs.

And by the way, we still haven't put things up on the walls....I haven't really had time to decide what I want to go where, let alone to actually put things up. Maybe soon that'll happen. I hate bare walls!

Now, for the living room......I wanted a more simple rug, but something that would be more cushioned for Hudson as he's crawling around. I decided on this shag rug from Target....

(Bryant enjoys the rug, too!)

And the pillows, I love! I'm obsessed with geometric prints right now! (if you can't tell from my blog layout) I got them from Cushions Direct and am very pleased with them. They came in pairs so I got four total. I might end up putting one in our bedroom, but for now I put them all out on the couches. We want to get a leather sofa/loveseat set in the next few months so they'll pop more against the dark leather. (The walls are a light blue, but that's hard to see in these pictures.)

And, Bryant says hey! :-)

We also updated our headboard, as you might have seen here. It's amazing the difference a little piece of furniture, or a rug or pillow makes in a room. I love decorating, and if I had the money I'd redecorate a lot more in our house. Take a little at a time, I keep telling myself. One day, when we build our dream home, I'll have the time of my life deciding the floor plan, the fixtures, floors, paint colors, decor, etc. Until then, I'll keep doing a little accessory here and there to get a little closer to how I envision my dream home to look. :-)

Happy Hump Day!!


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