Thursday, December 04, 2014

Gobble 'til You Wobble

It's been kind of a whirlwind since Thanksgiving last week, but I just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from the day.

I wanted to take some pictures before we left for Gadsden in the same chair we took them in last year, for comparison's sake.

Nailed it!!

My favorite.
**You can tell I edited that one a bit. Ain't nobody got time to edit them all!

I've just come to terms that this is how every photo session will be from here on out. But I still try.

And CUT!

So, here's the comparison from last year to this year.
 My turkeys have grown so much!

 Battling this little girl over her hair bow is a regular thing, too.

Make your Raegan face!

My mom, AKA: Hostess extraordinaire, cooked a delicious spread and as usual, was a gracious host who made sure her guests had everything they needed.

The kids, of course, were like escaped prisoners in my parents' house. The twins aren't used to such freedom. :) I was also reminded of why we utilize the "baby jail".

I've spent many many Thanksgivings with this guy, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I didn't contribute much (my mom won't allow it!), but I did make my sweet potato casserole since I've appointed myself the person in charge of that dish.
I skimped on the pecans, clearly, but it was still tasty.

Don't let this smile fool you.

This is how Raegan looked 80% of the time. Talk about a bad mood!

I was making sure my camera's settings were right before we took a few family pics. Hudson was ready, huh??? HAHA, creeper alert!

I'm just gonna photoshop in a smile on Grayson's face here.  

The step!!! My parents have ONE STEP in their house, between the den and the kitchen, and it's always been just the coolest thing ever to our kids. It was to Hudson and now it is to the twins. Raegan was determined to conquer that thing.

It took a little while, but she figured out the best technique.

Army crawl.


We had a great Thanksgiving eating too much food and visiting with family. I'd love to say that the kids had a great time, but they were honestly exhausted, especially Raegan. It's hard traveling with 3 young children, even if it's just an hour and a half away. We had our families come to us last year because we had newborn twins, but it just doesn't seem fair to ask everyone to come up to us in multiple cars when it's just our family in one car. But seeing all my babies so exhausted, especially the fits Raegan was throwing, just breaks my heart. Nap time is precious in our house and they desperately need it. My boys slept the ENTIRE way home, but Raegan was only able to sleep about 30 minutes. She did lay down when we got home and we had to wake her up to eat dinner. :(
It was easy to lay Hudson down for a nap in a pack 'n play or something at someone's house. It's not so easy with 3. Nothing's easy with 3. Haha!

What does your family do when it comes to the holidays? Do you travel to your families, do they come to you, or do you alternate?

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!


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