Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hey Stranger!

So, yeah....I don't even remember the last time I logged in to blogger. Oopsie daisy. 

What in the world has kept me from posting for so long??.....Oh, that's right.

Do y'all have any idea how easy it is to be a SAHM to 3 under 3?? That was a sarcastic tone, in case you didn't hear it in my words. ;-) Life is hectic, but it's also beautiful and amazing.
Here are some things we've had going on lately.

We tried our first solids.

We turned 5 months old.

Got some snow!

And more snow...and then we were over it and ready for Spring!

Hired a new babysitter. (kidding)

Got my parents' piano.

Had lunch dates.

Took adorable pictures.

Started trying to crawl.
We're VERY close.

Also started sitting up on our own. (a little)

I got me a minion.
I can't believe this guy will be 3 in just over a month!! *cue sobs*

Had a fun batting cage, go kart riding kind of date night.

Turned 6 months old, and thus had to sit through another photo sesh.

But we made the best of it.

Started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge (I'm on day 6 and have lost 2.5 lbs and feel fabulous!)

Went incognito

Acted silly

Changed a bunny's diaper...

Missed all of you sweet blog readers!

And hopefully, we can get back in a regular routine of a few posts a week.
Hopefully. ;)


  1. Oh my goodness, the twins are getting so big. I bet Hudson is enjoying being a big brother.

  2. oh my goodness! All the cuteness! I am pretty sure that you are some sort of super hero having three under three! The buy one get one free outfits are epic!!!!

  3. Ahh so cute. I need to see these guys again soon. They have changed so much since I last saw them!


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