Thursday, May 08, 2014

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Hudson Street?

Speaking of which.....have y'all heard that a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire is coming out? Hmmm.....I have mixed feelings about this, but I'm hopeful!

Anyway, how are you guys??
We're just trying to keep up with a couple active 8 month olds(tomorrow) and a 3 year old. 
4 more months until the twins are ONE!!?? Is that right? It can't be.

A certain boy in the house recently turned 3 and we had an awesome party at a new indoor trampoline park in Gadsden where our parents live. 
Hudson has developed an obsession with Cookie Monster and Elmo and some other Sesame Street characters (although he doesn't really care for the actual show) so we had a Sesame Street bash and it turned out so cute.
He actual birthday fell on Easter this year so we just kept it low-key with a little celebration at home.

He's still a little unsure about how to work his Jeep but he loves it.

Brother and sister enjoyed watching him drive.

The next Saturday, we had his party.
Invitation and party pack
 He had so much fun, but I think the adults had the most fun.
Yes, that's my Papa jumping in the red shirt.
 Joseph had a blast, as did Hudson's cousins.

 So glad Catherine and Forrest could come celebrate with us!!

We don't get many family pictures these days because it's quite a feat, so we take what we can get. ;-)

We had such a great time celebrating our BIG boy :( and are so grateful to everyone who helped make it the wonderful party that it was!

Grayson and Raegan will be 8 months old tomorrow so I'll get up a post about what they're up to these days. :)

Hope your week is treating you well!


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