Thursday, May 22, 2014

Life with 3

Look who's gettin' her bloggin' groove back!?!

This guy was fist-pumping before fist-pumping was a thing.

If you're a parent, then you know that having a baby changes everything. After all, that's the catch-phrase used everywhere, right? If you're not a parent, lemme just tell's true! Oh, how it changes everything. For the better, of course, but that doesn't mean it's not an adjustment.
Well, when you add 2 more babes to the mix, it's bound to turn anything and everything upside down.
You just thought you had this whole "being a parent" thing down pat.
HA!.......That's life laughing at your naiveté. Yes, I done learnt myself a new word.

When it was just Hudson, we were able to go out and about pretty much as we normally would. We'd go to the store all the time, Target, out to eat, and he was a breeze to take along, especially as he got older. 
I've said this so many times in the last 8.5 months....I really took for granted how easy I had it with just one child!
Don't get me wrong, the twins bring so much joy into our home and into our lives and I would not trade them for a thing in the world. But if you think you're gonna go out for a nice meal at Red Robin(yum! know you did it in your head) or Longhorn with all 3 kids in-tow....wrong!! 

These were taken before Raegan had a complete meltdown and ended up having to be held the entire time. Grayson did awesome and was just happy to be there. Hudson felt the need to bounce from his chair to the extra chair beside him, then to Grayson, then back to his chair....and this occurred a minimum of 15 times. HA! It was an eat and run kinda lunch that day. But hey, it's life. Kids are kids. 
This is why most of our meals out are usually had at upscale places like the mall food court, where whines and cries, if they occur, are drowned out by the music, talking, and those people yelling at you to try a sample.(I'm lookin' at you, man at Chinese food place!)

It's not as easy as just running to the store anymore. With Hudson, he rides in the cart. Simple. With Hudson and ONE additional baby, he walks and baby rides in cart. Easy enough. Not ideal, but doable. 
So, what in the world do I do with the 3rd child??!! I could always wear one in a carrier but that opens up more obstacles....the 3 year old gone rogue in the store, while the baby in the carrier is screaming from being slung all over the place, all the while drool is pouring down my chest since, hello?!, they are in prime teething time! 
I get hives just thinking about taking all 3 kids somewhere by myself. 
This is why errands are run on the weekends, most of the time. Sometimes Joseph will run by the store during the week and pick up a few things we need, or, if momma really needs a few moments of peace, I'll go when he gets home or after the babes are in bed. Do you have any idea how peaceful Publix is at 8:30pm on a Thursday? It's like a mini vacay! Just gimme a fruity drink and a beach chair and I might just set myself up a little spot in aisle 7 with a copy of US Weekly.

I know that once the twins are older, it will be easier to take them places. They'll be happier sitting in high chairs and eating real food at restaurants. They can sit in the "cool" race car shopping carts at Publix while Hudson walks beside me, or better yet, is at school.

And don't even get me started on the amount of time it takes us to get everybody ready and out the door, or the fact that we have to take everything we own with us.......

But they're precious and make it all worth it!


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