Monday, May 19, 2014

3 Year Checkup

This morning, Joseph took Hudson to his 3 year checkup. I can't believe I just typed that. 
3 YEAR checkup?!?! How has time flown by so fast that my baby boy is just 2 years away from starting kindergarten? I can't even....

The difference a year makes. 2 years old vs. 3 years. What a little man he's becoming!

As usual, Hudson is a lanky fellow. He weighed in at 33.5 lbs (50th percentile) and is 39" tall (75th percentile). He has always been long and lean and that tiny waist of his is swallowed up by pants a lot of the time. He's always had a long torso so his shirts get too short on him quickly, especially after several rounds in the washer and dryer. He's wearing 4T shirts and PJs most of the time now because of this. 

Here's a little more info about Hudson at 3 years old....

- He's a great sleeper and, thankfully, is still a good napper. We'll hang onto those naps as looonggg as possible. :) We bathe him and put him to bed at about 8 every night, but it's not uncommon for him to lay in bed awake until 9 or later. He's usually yelling for me by 7:15 or earlier most mornings. HA!

- Hudson loves breakfast. His favorite breakfast would probably be pancakes, turkey sausage, and a banana or strawberries. The boy still LOVES fruit. Only a few different veggies will be touched. We're picky in that area. He loves carrots raw, but hates them cooked. I know, it confuses me too.

- He's still not a huge meat eater and will not touch red meat. (maybe that's not a terrible thing) He does like turkey and chicken pretty well and loves a hot dog. Lunchables and fruit snacks (specifically Spongebob, Super Mario, and Minions) are favorites around here. 

- We started really trying to potty-train 1-2 weeks ago and he's completely potty-trained during the day (except for nap) as far as #1 goes. He's still apprehensive about doing #2 in the potty. He did it once and it went great. It didn't freak him out or anything, so I'm not sure what's keeping him from doing it regularly. If any of you parents out there have any tips on getting him to go #2 in the potty, I welcome them!!! :) Now we've got to work on nap time and bedtime (that'll be a while, though). We haven't converted his crib into a toddler bed yet because, honestly, he's perfectly happy in his crib. He's never asked for a big boy bed and has never tried to climb out (how, I don't know!), so I hate to do it and totally throw him off. But, I know to be fully potty-trained, he'll have to be able to get out of his bed to pee at night if he needs to. I'll also take any tips on that. HAHA!

- He is an awesome big brother and loves the twins so much. He helps out so much but we also try not to put too many expectations on him. He is only 3, after all, and should still be a kid, not a 3rd adult in the house. The babies love him too and he's such a great entertainer. He keeps them laughing.

- He is so smart and amazes us with how quickly he catches onto things. He loves to sing, say his ABCs, and count. I know he'll do so well in school. He still stays home with me right now, but we plan on starting him in preschool in August, if not earlier.

It's crazy how quickly time passes once you become a parent. It goes faster than you ever thought possible. The first year of the twins' lives is almost 3/4 of the way over and I feel like we just brought them home. I turn 30 (gulp!!) in 3 weeks and I know that can't be possible because I'm only 21...right???!!! Time is playing tricks on me, that's all. 
Do y'all remember when 30 was SO old??? That's what I used to think. 30 can't be old if I'm turning it, can it? I don't feel old! Except when I see these kids that were toddlers when I went to church with them graduating high school or getting MARRIED now!!! 
That kinda makes me feel just a smidgen old.
But, then again...I'm just 21. ;-)


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