Wednesday, July 09, 2014

10 Months!

Can you believe these little cuties are TEN MONTHS OLD today??? Insane. I've got to start party planning soon. 
I mean, I LOVE party planning but having to plan my kids' parties is always bittersweet. In fact, I actually called the bakery today to book them for their cakes, since they get booked up really quickly. And yes, I said cakes. I feel like just because they're twins doesn't mean they have to share everything. They shall get their own cakes. And I mean, you can never have too much cake. 

So here's what's happening at 10 months:

- Wearing 9 mo clothes (G) and 12 mo clothes (R)
- At their 9 month appt on the 26th, Raegan weighed 20.9 lbs and was 29.3 inches tall. Grayson weighed 18.2 lbs and was 28.5 inches tall.
- Sleeping from about 8:30 or 9pm - 7 or 7:30am. Sometimes they like to wake up around 6:30 and they'll just talk in their room for a while. We're hoping they learn to love sleeping in soon. :)
- They take a morning nap, although G has enjoyed boycotting it some while his top teeth are coming in. They also take a really good afternoon nap that lasts 2.5-3 hours most days. Hallelujah and amen.
- They're drinking 5-6 oz 5 times a day and are taking in less as they're eating more food.
- They eat 3 meals a day and I usually have one of them consist of table foods. They love cheese, grapes, apples, carrots, turkey, and more. They really have enjoyed anything I've put in front of them so far.
-We're working on getting the sippy cup thing down so they're done with bottles by a year. Hudson was super easy to transition so I hope we have the same luck with them. 
- We'll start introducing about an oz of whole milk at a time in their bottles at about 11 months or so. Hooray for no more formula.($$$$$$$) *raise the roof!*
- They both have their 2 bottom teeth and Grayson's top two have come through.
- They're both crawling like crazy and pulling up on everything. The cruising has started as well.

As you can imagine, things are pretty crazy in our house right now. I'm ever so thankful for the baby jail. HA!! We got the biggest "super yard" we could find and it's great for keeping them contained and safe, while still allowing them plenty of room to move around, play, and practice the occasional WWE move (Raegan, I'm looking at you). It's my best friend for times when I need to tend to Hudson, cook, clean, or just lock myself in my bedroom with an adult beverage (KIDDING!!). 

And because I don't do just a "few" pictures.....

Happy 10 months, sweet babes. You are loved more than you will ever know. 
Thanks for completing our family.....and thank you for keeping us all on our toes. ;-)

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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