Thursday, February 05, 2015

Valentine's Day Date Ideas (That Don't Involve a Crowded Restaurant)

Joseph and I aren't big on the commercial holiday that is Valentine's Day. I mean, is it nice to get a box of chocolates and some roses? Of course! But I'd rather get those on a random Tuesday just because he thought of me instead of a day where he's guilted into it by some radio ads or a chick on TV saying "He went to Jared." I can also go buy myself a big ol' box of chocolate truffles any day I want. Which might be Saturday, once my challenge is over....but let's stay focused.

It is nice to slow down and just enjoy some time together...and sometimes it takes a "holiday" to make us do that. And while I certainly love going out on a date with my man to a nice restaurant for a good meal where sippy cups and chicken nuggets aren't being pelted at the wall or my head, that can get old, especially on the ever-popular V-day night.

So, I thought I'd share some Valentine's Day date alternatives to the crowded, rushed, routine restaurant experience.

1. Make a day of it!
Who says the date has to be at night? If possible, arrange for an entire day out with your sweetie. Start with a hike outdoors if it's a nice day, then maybe a tasty brunch. You can spend the afternoon seeing a movie, going to a shooting range (is that weird?), attending a wine tasting, sampling different pastries at a local bakery(can you tell I'm dying for a cheat meal?) and then round out the day with dinner and some coffee after watching the sunset.

2. Get in the kitchen together.
After the kids are in bed, or if they're with the grandparents, cook a delicious meal together. It could be something as simple as homemade pizzas. If that's not quite your thing, there might be some places that offer special Valentine's Day cooking demos in your area...usually the price includes, at the very minimum, the meal and a tasting of wine.

3. Take a weekend trip.
This doesn't have to be anything extravagant, and it can even be camping (if that's your thing). Take a quick overnight trip somewhere to get away and just spend some quality time alone together. Whether you have kids or not, it's nice to get away to a different environment and take in new scenery together.

4. Do something as a family.
So you don't feel the need to do something alone as a couple? That's great! Take the family out for some fun. A trip to the zoo, an aquarium, the park, or a children's museum is a great way to spend the day.

5. Movie night.
Get the popcorn and Raisinettes (not Goobers!) ready and rent that movie you've both been meaning to sit down and watch. Have a quiet night in after the kids go to bed with a movie date at home.

Spending time together is about just that....the time together. Whether you're getting all fancy for a nice dinner and dancing, or if you're in your PJs on the couch nodding off to a movie at 9pm (not that I'd know anything about that last one), spend the time however you want to spend it. Don't feel pressured to give into all the "cliche" things everyone else is doing.
Isn't that some cool thing the kids say these days?
Anyway, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be complicated or fancy. It doesn't have to be anything if you don't want it to be.

However you decide to spend it, I hope you enjoy it. :)


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