Wednesday, May 04, 2011

2 Weeks Postpartum

So, you know I gained more weight than I wanted to. I wanted to stick to 25-30.....well....I gained 45 pounds during the pregnancy! 45!!! That just seems like SO much to me....I know there are women who gain 60+, but seriously, I cannot believe I gained 45 pounds in 9 months! It's ridiculous!! Like I said in my last post, I think a good bit of it was fluid, especially toward the end, but still. Not acceptable. Well, it's been 2 weeks since I had Hudson and as of today I've lost a grand total of.......30 pounds!!! Not too shabby!! I can probably credit most of it to breastfeeding! Now, hopefully the last 15 won't be absolutely impossible to lose.

And because I always love to see postpartum pictures........

Here is my 39 week picture, taken on 4/18.

Here is my 2 week postpartum picture taken today, in the same outfit. (I realize I don't need the maternity shirt anymore, but it's so comfy! HA!)**Note how much messier the room is now after bringing a baby home! HA!**
I still have the stubborn belly that is slowly returning to normal, but I'm pretty pleased with the weight loss so far. I cannot tell you (well, unless you've been there) how good it feels to have MY feet and MY ankles and MY hands and fingers back...instead of an elephant's! HA! After I lose the pregnancy weight, I will set out to lose a few more stubborn pounds I needed to lose before I got pregnant. It will happen in time, I know. :-)


  1. WOW...wonderful and waaaay to go!! You look great and I am so proud of you!

    That postpartum body is rockin'.


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