Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Birth Story

Well, not the whole story, but ya know......

I apologize if this is a little's kind of like your wedding, it goes by so fast and you can't remember it all.
I had my 39 week appointment on Tuesday, 4/19. We went in determined to schedule an induction and that's exactly what we asked for. The doctor's appointment went well, with the exception of slightly elevated BP. I hadn't really made any more progress since my last visit. The doctor (not my primary OB, because she does not visit the Cullman office where I've gone since we moved) was fine with scheduling an induction for that week and we looked at doing it on Thursday, with us coming in Wednesday night to start things up. She was going to call the other doctor I had been seeing in Cullman to see if she was good with doing it. We were to wait for a call back to 100% confirm it would be happening. Well, we waited for a few hours and decided to call back. They hadn't heard back from her yet so they said they'd call us when they did. About 30 minutes later, I got a call from the nurse saying we needed to be at the hospital that night!! WHA?? I mean, we were excited and ready to get the show on the road, but we were NOT thinking it would be happening that night! We both panicked slightly, but we quickly gathered ourselves together, finished up our packing, tidied up the house, and got the dogs situated at a kennel. We set out for Birmingham but decided we needed to stop and get some dinner before checking in at the hospital. I wanted one good last meal before I couldn't eat anything for hours and hours. We had to be at the hospital around 8 and we were pushing it to get there, so my sweet husband called an Outback on the way and let them know what our situation was. The manager was SO nice, and had a table ready for was a table for like 6, mind you....a waiter standing by ready to take our order (we knew what we wanted.....filet and lobster tail for this gal!! ;) and the kitchen had it out to us in FOUR minutes!! Yeah, you read that right. And it was absolutely delicious too!!! We ate every bit of our food and were in and out in about 25 minutes! The Outback of Fultondale rocks!!! The waiter and manager were tipped well, I promise! ;)

Once we got to the hospital the nerves set in. I had never stayed in a hospital before....ever, so I wasn't sure what to expect. My admitting nurse was so sweet, and funny! All of my nurses were amazing, actually. That is what I'll always remember about my stay, aside from the beautiful baby boy I had...the wonderful nurses. They are top notch. We took a couple of pictures of us when we got to the hospital, but mine is so gross of me I'm not going to share it. I was SO swollen. I had so much fluid by the end! (I've already lost a lot of weight in just 2 weeks because I'm pretty sure a lot was fluid...I'll do another post about that in a minute)

That night, the nurse put in the Cytotec (?) and gave me 2 Ambien to help me sleep...and boy did they!?!!? HA! I woke up, or was woken up, bright and early to get the induction started. This is where it all gets a little blurry. They gave me Nubain and I pretty much passed out. I remember getting the epidural shortly after, and that's about it. (and they're right...the IV is worse than the epidural!) Up until it was time to start pushing, I don't really remember much at all. I was told I was pretty much in and out of consciousness. HA! The labor was very easy....obviously, right? ;) I wish I could say the same about the delivery. I pushed for about 90 minutes and I didn't think Hudson was ever going to come out. I was sure I'd have to have a C-section. From what the nurse said, his head just wouldn't budge after a certain point. Our families were freaking out in the waiting room, wondering if everything was OK....our moms got scolded by the hospital staff for trying to listen for something from the empty room next door. HA! I was exhausted, had to be put on oxygen, and wanted to give up, honestly. It was only because of my nurse and husband that I was able to keep going. They were both incredible. It was just us 3 up until like the last 10 minutes. My doctor came in to check on me and at that point his head was still being stubborn. The nurse told her not to go far because it would happen any minute now. Well, what does she do? Goes up to her office and here comes Hudson!!! Not even joking....we're all freaking out and laughing...of course it doesn't help that I'm laughing and the nurse keeps telling me to stop! She had to keep Hudson in! HA! It took my doctor a good 5 minutes or more to get back, which felt like a week instead of just a few minutes! Once she got there, he basically came right on out.

It was the most exhausting, frustrating, amazing, wonderful experience I've ever had in my life and I'll never forget the minute I met him for the first time. It was all worth it. I know everybody says that, but it truly was. Once I saw him I forgot about all the pushing, all the discomforts from the last 9 months, and all the things I had complained about during the pregnancy.

Hudson Thomas arrived on April 20 at 1:58 pm. He weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz. and measured 21 inches long. He was (and IS) absolutely beautiful and perfect!

I feel like he's changed so much in just 2 weeks and he looks totally different now. I still can't decide who he looks like. Now that all of my rambling is through, I'll just leave you with a whole bunch of pictures.

We are over the moon in love with our sweet baby boy. He has already brought us so much closer and I feel blessed beyond anything I deserve to have these two men in my life. I can't wait to make sweet memories with my little family.


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