Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 Months!

Hudson, you are 5 months old today!! It's hard to believe you are almost half a year old already! I don't like how quickly time is passing, but I love watching you grow and change. You do something new almost every day and I love being with you to see it.

Here's what you're up to now:

  • You wear a size 2 diaper.
  • You are in 6 and 6-9 months clothes. You can squeeze into a few 3-6 months things, depending on how it's made and the fabric.
  • We don't go to the doctor this month but I'd guess you weigh around 16-16.5 lbs. I think you've gotten a little longer too!
  • You're eating 4 ounces at a time, typically every 2.5 hours - 3 hours. You usually eat about 30 ounces a day. You eat more frequently in the mornings since you've been sleeping 10+ hours a night!!! Heck yes! I think your body is still getting used to going that long without a feeding so you eat more often up until about noon or so.
  • You have been sleeping so good in your crib since we moved you in there. You transitioned wonderfully and for that we are so thankful!
  • You are now going down for bed between 8:30 & 9, and you wake up between 6:30 & 7. Sometimes you'll sleep a tad bit longer.
  • You're learning to soothe yourself back to sleep.
  • We have established a great bedtime routine and I think this has helped you so much.
  • You still don't sleep on your back, but once we put you in your crib you no longer rolled over and woke yourself up in the middle of the night. You do move around your crib a whole lot though. You usually do a 180 throughout the night and end up at the opposite end that we put you down on. ;)
  • You're loving solids! You've tried bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, peaches, apples, and green beans and you have loved them all! Your favorites are sweet potatoes, bananas, and green beans (eww, I know!) We usually wait about 3-4 days before trying something new and you've been doing GREAT with it. Right now I'm just giving you a fruit or veggie after your dinner time bottle, but I'll add another meal before long...probably oatmeal and a fruit in the mornings.
  • Mommy has worked hard to get some kind of routine/schedule going and it seems to be working out well. Every day is basically the same, but the times may vary a little bit.
  • You are napping much better now, and I believe it's because you're sleeping better at night. Go figure! You usually go down for your morning nap 1.5-2 hours after waking up. They are getting longer too, with the morning nap lasting 1-1.5 hours, the afternoon nap lasting usually 1 hour, and an evening nap that lasts just about 30-45 minutes. You can usually stay awake 2.5-3 hours before needing another nap. It's getting more predictable and we're both loving the predictable routine we're getting into!
  • You love your jumperoo and are really starting to figure out how the toys work. You focus and try really hard and when you do this you stop jumping. You like to study and observe things, like your mommy.
  • A constant stream of drool is always coming out of your mouth and you are teething like crazy. I am feeling your teeth better on your bottom gums and I expect they'll be in within a couple of weeks.
  • Your gums really bother you a lot, but as long as you have some Tylenol, teething gel, and a teething ring or pacifier, you're good to go.
  • You are a great, and strong, grabber and grab anything you can find.
  • You can sit up on your own for a few seconds here and there.
  • I think as soon as you can sit up on your own, you'll be scooting everywhere. Anytime I sit you up against the couch, chair, etc. you are constantly trying to scoot...you end up just sliding down on your back, but scooting will be upon us soon.
  • You have a huge personality and laugh and smile ALL the time.
  • You are so strong and sometimes I'm afraid you'll flail yourself out of my arms or off my lap.
  • You get so excited when Daddy comes home and it's so sweet.
  • You have been babbling "mama" and my heart melts like ice cream on a Summer's day! I don't think you know what it means yet, but it still brings tears to my eyes.
  • You laugh and smile at Bryant and Marley. You love watching them play.
  • Your laugh cracks me up and is the best laugh I've ever heard.
This past month has flown by especially fast for some reason and I don't like it! I want you to stay itty bitty forever so I've got to find some kind of way to stop time. :-) We love you more than you know. You are everything to us!

He wasn't really into the photoshoot today. His gums were driving him crazy, and he didn't want to pose for the camera so I just snapped pictures while he did his thing. ;-)


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