Thursday, January 12, 2012

# 14

There was never a doubt in my mind. I predicted it at the beginning of the season, as I did the beginning of the season 2 years ago when we won #13. I had a gut feeling and I was right. I never started doubting even when we lost to LSU the first time.

I wanted to be in NOLA so bad, but it was also nice to watch the game from the couch and not have to leave my baby boy. :) We were so close to getting to go to Pasadena 2 years ago but that didn't work out. So next time, we're going!!! I'm going to start saving up now! ;-)

So, that's all. I won't gloat too much about it, but I'm just SO proud of the team, that they were able to come back from their loss(that never should have been) and SHUT OUT their opponent in a re-match. What a great season! Now we have to wait 8 more months for more college football. Boo.



  1. Girl we are going the next time too. No ifs, ands, or buts!! We will go together!


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