Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Things I Learned From Traveling with 3 Kids...

We got back from the beach a few days ago and I think we're all still recovering. You know the saying, "need a vacation from my vacation"?...take a "vacation" with a couple 9 month olds and a 3 year old and it gives the phrase a whole new meaning! I am spent!

- A 6.5 hour car-ride will take, at a minimum, 8 hours....closer to 8.5, and will require at least 3 stops.

- If you pack smart(or are like us, and just forget to pack a few things altogether), you CAN fit enough clothes, toys, gear, and necessities for 5 people in one Suburban.
Almost every square inch of seat/floor space was used too. ;-)

- It will start out as smiles...

But turn into hysteria by about hour 5...
That's a swim diaper, and yes, I did find him like this after about 5 hours.

- Your 3 year old will not nap for even a second on the way there, which means there will be no silence on the way there.

- You get over your fear of taking all your kids out to eat, 'cause you just don't care anymore. People can just deal with it if your kids are unruly.
(they weren't, though. they were actually pretty good at restaurants. Amen!)

- Coffee tastes better with a beach view, although it'd been better from a Keurig. 
I had to relearn how to use a coffee pot. Seriously.

- If you thought getting one child ready for the beach/pool was work, you're in for a real treat trying to get 2 more ready....2 who are way too young to even know or care what's going on, BTW.

- Cuddle time is even better at the beach.

- Teamwork starts early.

- Seriously, they were surprisingly good at restaurants. I mean, come on....

- The amount of groceries you have to buy on your "vacation" is as much, if not more, than your normal grocery bill.

- You're insane if you think you'll have time to finish the book you've been trying to finish for months. Finally down to about 30 pages in Gone Girl! 

- Rented cribs sleep a lot like a hard rock. Bless the twins' hearts. They slept great, though.

- Your toddler may be distressed the first night and wake up a couple (several) times, disoriented and anxious. The first night was rough. He slept fine the rest of the time...mostly.

- The moment when everyone finally falls asleep on the way home......
even if it is in the last 30-45 minutes of the drive. HA!

- The sweet memories are worth the hard work.

- There is NO place like home!

The twins turned 9 months last week. I'll get that post, and more about the beach, up tomorrow or Friday. I cannot believe they're so close to one, y'all.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I miss you guys!!


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