Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Stye In My Eye


I have been a bad blogger lately. I admit it. There just hasn't been anything exciting going on. Well, I did have a birthday last Thursday. I guess that's something. I only took one picture.....Joseph and me before heading out for dinner at Ruth's Chris. I'll try to post it soon so this post isn't as boring. Joseph and I don't really do presents. Unless there's something we've really been wanting, we usually just go out for a nice dinner together on our birthdays. Same thing for Christmas....most of the time we'll just go get something for us. Two Christmases ago, we got a nice LCD Flat-screen TV. We may get each other something small, if we've been talking about something we want. We'd just rather get something for our house, etc....something we can both use and enjoy. So for my birthday we went to Ruth's Chris. It's our favorite place to go for a nice, special dinner. They have the BEST steaks, crabcakes, everything! He did surprise with it a unique way. He always makes reservations to places like this, and uses OpenTable on his iPhone. He forwarded the email confirmation from them to me and when I opened it, I was so surprised! I was alone when I got it so I had to call him right away and thank him! I thought it was really sweet that he just did it and made the plans himself. We had a wonderful evening together, and even got a complimentary bread pudding for dessert. I'm not the biggest fan of bread pudding, so we got it to go, mostly cause we were stuffed!! We also had birthday cake at home, which I wanted to have. ;-) My mom came down on Thursday for a few hours of shopping. We went to our favorite place to eat, Edgar's, and each had a chicken salad plate. We also went to TJ Maxx, Costco, and a cute little place that reminds me a little of Peppermint Pony in Gadsden (man I miss that place!). After our shopping we went back to Edgar's to get a cake for us to split. She took half of it home so I didn't feel obligated to eat the whole thing! :) It was so deliciously delicious! That's where I get all of my special occasion cakes, and they do a fantastic job on their special-order cakes! For my parents' 30th wedding anniversary, I threw a little dinner party at Pasghetti's in Gadsden, and for dessert we had a mini wedding cake. It was so pretty and delicious. I even had them reenact the cake cutting. So cute! For my father-in-law's 50th birthday, my sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and I planned a surprise party and I got the cake. It was half chocolate, half vanilla sheet cake decorated like the UA football field. In the middle it had a tombstone...I mean, it's his 50th, ya gotta have fun with it. It was real cute, and tasty! Anyway, enough cake talk! HA!

On Friday, we went to dinner at The Bright Star in Bessemer with Joseph's parents, Priscilla and Tommy. It was very good. I got the broiled snapper topped with crabmeat and a lemon butter sauce. DELISH! They also have killer squash casserole. The staff was so nice. When they found out we were there for my birthday, they moved us to a more private room. Our waitress brought us a complimentary chocolate cream pie that was amazing! Needless to say, I'm staying away from desserts for a while. HA!

To the point of this post:

I have done something for the past two days that I HATE doing!! I have been wearing my glasses! I LOATHE wearing my glasses. Mostly because they're uncomfortable, don't sit right on my face, and the prescription hasn't been right since I got them! I also hate wearing them because I hate glasses. I hate not being able to see out of my peripherals, I hate driving with them, and I hate only being able to see through this small oval frame. I miss my contacts!

Why have I been wearing my glasses you ask? I have a STYE! A gross STYE on my EYE!! I haven't had a stye since I was like a preteen. They're so annoying, sore, and uncomfortable. I'm trying to be real good about taking care of my eye so it goes away quickly....hence the glasses. No contacts til it's gone. I feel so weird with my glasses...I hate to say I feel like a nerd, but I do. Glasses just don't look cool on me. Some people look great in glasses; I, however, do NOT. See for yourself below. :0 Hopefully I only have another day or so of these things. My eye feels a lot better today, so maybe it will be gone by Friday at the latest!!

I guess I should stop complaining. I guess I should be thankful that I even have my sight. I am blessed with what little sight I have, and the ability to correct my vision with things such as glasses and contacts. Sometimes you have to put things in perspective to realize how blessed you are. I am pretty blessed....more than I deserve! I'm blessed with wonderful friends and family who love me and make me feel special not only on my birthday, but everyday. I'm blessed with the vision that God has given me, even though it has to be corrected with annoying glasses and contacts. I'm blessed with a stye in my eye that reminds me how blessed I am!

Have a blessed week friends! :-)


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