Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Music....Sweet, Sweet Music

So lately I have found some new favorite songs. I love music and always have. I have sang all my life (not saying that I did it well), played the piano for years, the clarinet in high school, and love listening to music. I come from a very musical family, the Cornutts. If you live in Gadsden or the surrounding areas, you know this family. They're pretty well-known because there are tons of them. My mother is the daughter of John Paul Cornutt, whose siblings consist of Ferrell, Harold, and Janice. They had a popular singing group many years ago. Every year in August, they have a "reunion" and get together to sing at a local church in Gadsden. They've been doing this for years now. It's an event that people come from all over the state (and even other states) to be a part of. Some people think that the Cornutt family is boastful, braggy, and pretty much thinks they're all that. Well, of course every family has SOME members like that, and I'm sure they're no exception. I am quick to defend them not only because they are my family, but because I know the hearts of these people. They do not seek personal gratification or publicity. They only seek to bring joy to the people that hear them, and bring praise to the name of the Lord. If you haven't heard the group sing before, you really should. It's amazing. It's the one time a year they all get to see each other, fellowship, and do what they love doing: singing beautiful music together, all the while, giving God all the praise and glory. I used to sing with them when I was younger, but when I moved away it became harder to fit it into our schedules. It's really a blessing to listen to all of the beautiful voices with which God has blessed this family. I am touched every time I hear them. The family has had its hard times. We've lost many precious members of the family, including matriarchs and patriarchs, and members who succumbed to illness. One of the precious cousins, who also directed the Cornutts each year at the reunion, passed away a couple of years ago. That was a really difficult time, especially when it came time for the annual singing. The family isn't perfect, they're not better than anyone else, and they don't display their musical gifts to get some kind of personal gratification. The members of this family have some of the biggest hearts and love for the Lord as I have ever seen before. Honestly, I do not even know them all, as there are so many of them, but I do know that I love every single one of them, and feel very blessed to be a member of this very large, extended, Christian family. I am not sure when the singing will be this year, but I urge everyone who is able, to go see for yourselves. You will not be disappointed, and you will be touched.

So, back to those new favorite songs! I have a very eclectic taste in music. I don't have a favorite genre of music, it totally depends on the song for me. I have a wide array of music on my iPod, including country, rap, hip-hop, pop, rock, etc. I will say that I do NOT like heavy metal, punk, or anything like that. Here are some of the songs I've recently added to my music library.

King of Anything - Sara Bareilles

Love this song! To me, it's saying don't tell me how to think or what to do or what to say. Who died and made you boss? I'm usually not a "Girl Power" kind of person. Not a big fan of Pink and all her down with boys, and authority, and anything and everyone else attitude, but this song is just fun, light-hearted, and it's so true. :) It's kind of empowering.

Something Beautiful - NeedtoBreathe

This is an absolutely beautiful song. This is a Christian song and I think everyone can relate to it.

Free - Zac Brown Band

Wow! This song almost leaves me speechless. It makes you stop and think about the freedom we have in this beautiful country, and the ones that ensure we have it, and keep it.

I Never Told You - Colbie Caillat

This song is just beautiful. I think we all can relate to this in one way or another. We all at one point have wished we would've said what we wanted to say to someone, but instead, we just held it in.

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do. What are your new favorite songs?


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