Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Couple Survey

I saw this survey on another blog and thought I'd try it out!

What are your middle names?
Joseph David and Lauren Elise

How long have you been together?
We started dating December 9, 2000. Had a break of almost a year in '04, and got married December 9, 2006! So, on and off for almost 10 years! WOW!

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
Well, we grew up in church, like 8 or 9-ish years?

Who asked whom out?
Joseph asked Lauren out! :)

How old are each of you?
Lauren - 26
Joseph - 25, 26 in November

Whose siblings do/did you see the most?
Well, seeing as how I'm an only child, I'd have to say his! :-)

Do you have any children together?
We are expecting our first child around 4/25/2011!!

What about pets?
We have two crazy, but precious, dogs. Bryant, the Boxer, and Marley, the lab-pitbull mix!

Did you go to the same school?
Joseph went to Westbrook Christian up until the 10th grade, then transferred to my school, Emma Sansom, for the music program and to get a change of scenery. We started dating a few months later. We also went to Alabama together for a year. Then I transferred to JSU, where I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. Joseph graduated (a year early BTW) with a degree in Finance...minor in Economics. Smartypants!

Who is more sensitive?

That would definitely be Lauren!

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Well, before I got pregnant, we ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Habaneros, every Friday night. Now that I don't really like the smell (I'm real sensitive to smells right now, and I'm not supposed to have queso) we just go where ever I can eat something that won't make me hurl. Since I haven't been much for cooking lately, we've been bad about getting take-out. We love Habaneros and Joe's Italian in Alabaster though!

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?


Who has the worst temper?
Um, Lauren.....

Who does the cooking?
Lauren! Joseph does the grilling though!

Who is more social?

Who is the neat-freak?


Who is more stubborn?

Who hogs the bed?

Who wakes up earlier?
Joseph....I could sleep all day, especially in my current state!

Where was your first date?
The movies...we saw "The Grinch"

Do you get flowers often?
Not often, but he does get me flowers for special occasions...birthdays(sometimes), Valentine's Day, anniversaries...

How do you spend the holidays?
Since both of our families live in the same city, it's pretty easy. For Thanksgiving, we usually do lunch with my fam, dinner with his. Hopefully we can start doing one big meal all together! My family has always done Christmas Eve, so we still do that. Then, we spend Christmas with his family, but I do see my parents on Christmas when we run to visit my dad's parents. Like I said, we're hoping to start having everyone over together all at once.

Who is more jealous?
Neither one of us is really jealous...but if I had to answer...Lauren.

How long did it take to get serious?
A couple months.

Who eats more?
Joseph....but ask again in a few months and it might be a different story! HA!

Who does/did the laundry?

We both do our own laundry. Thank goodness! I don't touch other people's dirty clothes!

Who’s better with the computer?
I'm pretty good, but Joseph is the self-proclaimed computer nerd!

Who drives when you are together?
Joseph doesn't like me to drive. No idea why! Maybe I speed sometimes? Get road rage? Other than that, I'm fine! We won't mention, though, who got a ticket for going about 85 in a 70.......*cough* Joseph *cough*! FYI: I've been lucky and have never gotten a ticket or even been pulled over....of course, now I'll probably get one in the next week just for saying that!

Feel free to steal this and do it yourself! I'd love to see your answers!

Oh, and it's Hump Day! **raises the roof!** The week is more than halfway over! Ready for this weekend. Lazy days on the couch, eating RoTel dip(which I bought ingredients for yesterday), watching the Tide help themselves to some Gator stew! (hopefully!) I really do not care for Florida and have not for about 5 years, and if you know what their fans did during the game in '05 that ended Tyrone Prothro's football career, you know why. That's all I'm gonna say!

Y'all have a great rest of the week....I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning...really hoping they try to hear the heartbeat with the fetal doppler. :-)


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