Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tisk, Tisk......

Yeah, so......I've been a little MIA over the last week. I feel like such a bad blogger. It's the middle of September (HOW is that possible, by the way?) and this is only my 3rd post! Gah, I gotta get better. I've just been going through the motions lately. Work, come home, sleep. Wash, rinse, repeat. Not much has been going on, but I've just been in a blah mood lately. BUT, life is about to get (a little) exciting.....well, ok, not exciting, but it will involve more than just work, come home, sleep. This weekend, we are hosting a "party" for the Bama/Duke game. We will also be celebrating a couple of birthdays in the family. Saturday is Joseph's grandfather's birthday, and Sunday is my sister-in-law, Melissa's, birthday! So, we're going to have everyone over for the game and to celebrate the birthdays. We're going to keep things real simple. I love to entertain and host parties and dinners at our (small) house, but we haven't done it in a while, so we thought it was time. Usually, I'll cook something up, make lots of stuff, appetizers, entree, sides, and desserts, but this time we're letting Jim 'N Nick's do the work for us! We're getting lots of BBQ and some chicken tenders. So we'll have BBQ (Sandwiches if one prefers that), chicken fingers, potato salad and baked beans (courtesy of Publix...who makes awesome potato salad), lots of different chips and dips (Ro-Tel, the best dip ever, and the only thing I'll be "making" Side Note: Good Ro-Tel dip is made with velveeta, Ro-Tel, and sausage....just cheese and Ro-Tel doesn't cut it. I typically do not like sausage, but it's the only way I make my Ro-Tel dip, spinach/artichoke dip with awesome pita chips, and your standard french onion dip),and of course you can't have a birthday (or two) without CAKE! And where else would I get the cake, but from Edgar's Bakery?! Helllooooo!!? I've gotten it ordered and it will be ready on Saturday...I just hope it makes it until the party. HA! It's going to be cute AND delicious! I will most definitely take pictures of everything and post them. I am so glad we're having the food catered. I love cooking and working hard to get stuff ready (No really, I do!) but I'm looking forward to just being able to enjoy my company, the game, and the food. Get this: We're even using plastic plates and cups! Gasp! I NEVER do that.....I repeat....N.E.V.E.R. However, they are nice RED plastic plates and RED plastic cups and RED napkins, BUT this is huge for me. I just want everyone to feel relaxed and at ease, not worrying about dropping a plate or glass, etc. And when they're done....BAM, in the trash it goes!

Anyway, this is as interesting as it's gonna get today. Hopefully some kind of (good) excitement will come along sometime and I'll actually have something to blog about. Like I said, things have been kind of blah around here. As much as I know y'all LOVE to read about what kind of food we're going to eat, and all that....I'm going to try real hard to make the next post or two actually interesting! :-)

I feel like I'm over-using the italics, no? :-)


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