Friday, September 24, 2010

Things I'm Loving Right Now.....

In no particular order....okay, in the order in which my crazy pregnant brain thought of them:

1. My precious husband, Joseph!(of course he's first!) He is the sweetest, most loving man and is always checking to see if I'm feeling okay and that I have everything I need. He pretty much waits on me hand-and-foot at home, gives me some back rubs every now and then and I feel so blessed to have him with me through all of this. I love seeing how excited he's getting. He's going to be an amazing daddy! (and I love him ALL the time, NOT just right now!) :-)

2. Sweet friends and family who have called, texted, Facebooked(?), emailed, etc. The fact that they would take the time to do these things to congratulate us is amazing. They have all been incredibly kind, supportive, and excited! That makes ME even more excited, and I feel blessed beyond measure! (love them all the time, too!)

3. Carbs - This is no surprise, as I said in my last post, I am LOVING carbs right now....which is totally bad, but hey, they're keeping me from hurling up everything I eat. Two nights this week I ended up pretty much being repulsed by the dinner I cooked. One night, we grilled burgers (b/c we have like 85 buns left from last weekend!) and had some tater tots. I was SO psyched about the burgers, but by the time they were ready and it was in front of me, I wanted NOTHING to do with the thing. I had a couple of bites, ate ALL my tots(again with the carbs), but ended up throwing over half of the burger away. I felt SO bad, because my sweet husband cooked it, but I just couldn't do it. The next night, I made one of those Wanchai Ferry frozen Chinese dinners. They are really good....usually! I made the orange chicken and also baked a couple of egg rolls to go with it. Let's see, I ate about 3 bites of the orange chicken, 2 bites of the egg roll, and decided if I ate anymore I was going to vomit. (Lovely image, right?) I don't even remember what I did end up eating for dinner both nights....I think it was some yogurt later on? Maybe some crackers? It's so weird the kinds of foods that turn you off when you're pregnant. By the way....anyone know what that first picture is from? "You gonna eat your tots?"

4. Sprite and water - obviously...Sprite (Zero, cals) makes my tummy feel better and water keeps me hydrated. I am thirsty A LOT of the time! I always have a bottle of water with me....always! I have been really good about not drinking caffeine...which isn't a problem because I cut it out around January anyway. All I drink is water, except the occasional cup of Sprite I need for my queasiness.

5. Low-rise pants- that's really all I can wear. Normally I'm not a huge fan of low-rise pants for various reasons, but right now, I'm LOVIN' 'em! Higher-rise pants are doable IF I am able to wear my Be Band with them (which isn't the most comfortable thing in the world), use the ponytail holder trick, or just go with them unbuttoned under a flowy shirt. (tacky, right?) I'm trying to wear dresses as much as possible(but I need some more), because pants are just SO uncomfortable right now since I have all of this bloat! Yuck! BUT, it's a good thing, and is somewhat comforting to have. The bloat fluctuates and usually is worse in the evening, but hopefully in a few weeks it will go away and become a little baby bump...instead of a bloat LUMP! HA!

6. The What To Expect iPhone App. I downloaded it like right after I found out I was pregnant. I love it! It has some great info about the baby's size and development, as well as what's going on with me that week. It also has daily tips with topics like morning sickness, mood swings, eating right, etc. It's a great husband even has it on his phone. Cute. :-)

7. Fruit & Yogurt - I always love fruit, but it seems to taste better now...yes, I'm probably a little crazy. My favorites right now are strawberries and grapes. I LOVE yogurt anyway, but I'm having at least a cup of Dannon Light & Fit a day. I love theirs the best. 80 calories, for a nice serving, and they have great flavors. My fave is the strawberry cheesecake. What can I say? I adore strawberries!

8. Grey's Anatomy! - Okay, this obviously isn't pregnancy related whatsoever, but I love it! It's back on for a new season!! The premiere was last night and it was great! I can't wait to see what happens this season!

9. God - He has provided for us and blessed us beyond what we deserve. He has given us an incredible gift that we are so grateful to Him for! I trust the Lord to keep me and our sweet baby safe throughout the next 7 months, and I seek his guidance as I embark on this journey to motherhood!

I am also loving a fun evening tonight with great friends. We are going to the local Greek Food Festival tonight with our good friends, Forrest and Catherine Bailey. We are going to meet some other friends, Gusty and Katie Gulas, and Jay Hedgspeth and his girlfriend, Claire, there too! We have never been to the festival, but Catherine tells me that it is a lot of fun, with some great food and music! We are so excited to do something out of the norm, and to hang out with friends we don't see much. Other than that, our weekend will be pretty boring. We'll be cheering on the Tide from our comfy couch on Saturday as they play the Arkansas Razorbacks! It should be a good game..and I may be a little nervous!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and your favorite football team wins.....unless, of course, you're an Arkansas Razorback! ;-)


  1. Can I say that I am LOVING this "Things I love" post? Cause I am.

    I've got your next doctor's appointment on my I crazy much?=)

  2. HA! You are NOT're just the best aunt-to-be EVER!!! ;)


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