Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Sunday, I celebrated my 28th birthday, er I mean...my 8th 21st birthday!! It's hard to believe I'm 2 years away from 30, and 2.5 weeks from my 10 year HS reunion. It just seems to have flown by way too fast, and it can't possibly be time for my reunion. Funny how I used to think 30 was old. HA! Boy, what was I thinkin'?

Anyway, my birthday isn't really a big deal to me and it's usually just celebrated with family and maybe dinner out or something. Since it fell on a Sunday, I got to have a big birthday weekend and had so much fun!! The weekend started out great by having dinner at Bonefish with our friends, Craig & Wendy. We also went to see Prometheus...in 3D!!!! WOWZERS!! It was crazy! We had some great food, laughs, and a much needed night out with friends. My wonderful in-laws kept Hudson for us at our house so we could go out! Thank you both SO much! Saturday, my parents came up to take me out to lunch. We went to Connor's at Bridgestreet and it was so good. Joseph and I went there for our anniversary in December and loved it. We walked and shopped around the beautiful outdoor mall, had some frozen yogurt, then headed home for Hudson to nap (NOT!).  It was a great day and I'm glad my Dad was off so he could join the fun! (We won't have to worry about that anymore in just a few months....he's RETIRING at the end of August!!!)

Here are a few pics from Saturday.....

Digging into his lunch, evident from the food all over his face! And looks like my Dad right here, BTW


My boy loves to eat. And my hubby is handsome....well, Hudson is too, of course!

Face stuffed with bread. You're welcome, Dad! :)

HA, this just cracks me up....

Hudson and his "Sue-Sue".

 Sunday, it was rainy and gloomy all day. We kept it pretty low-key. We did, however, grill steaks and a couple chicken kabobs on the covered patio for lunch, along with the fixings. It was delish!!

Joseph went to get a few groceries we needed that morning, and came back with something that wasn't on the list.......

My first Edible Arrangement!!! It was SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! It had chocolate, as well as peanut butter covered apples, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate/PB covered bananas (divine!!). DELICIOUS! Thanks boys!!

We also went to the mall and got me a couple of new dresses. Someone threatened to get a big cookie AND some donuts while we were out....I think the death stare I gave said "someone" saved my waist-line from those bad boys!! It was bad enough I had cake, ice cream, and more chocolate covered goodies waiting on me at home...which is exactly what I had for dinner! HEY, calories don't count on your birthday!! Right??  I'm happy to report that my birthday weekend did not adversely affect my weight loss, thankyouverymuch!!!

My boys and family made it a very special birthday for me and I'm so appreciative. 

Lastly, a few pics of me and my lil man on my 8th 21st birthday! :-)


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